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"Volunteers for Union and Liberty: History of
the 5th Tennessee Infantry, U.S.A., 1862-1865"


This 428 page hard bound book is the first ever written about a Union Tennessee infantry regiment. The 5th Tennessee Infantry was organized in Barbourville, Ky. in 1862 and saw action at Cumberland Gap, the East Tennessee Campaign, the Atlanta Campaign, Franklin, Nashville, and Wilmington, N.C.

The regiment suffered severe casualties during the Battle of Resaca, Georgia and was engaged in the battle near the Carter House cotton gin during the Battle of Franklin, Tennessee.

In addition to a narrative of the role the regiment played in each of these events, the book contains documents, personal letters, maps, and a complete roster of soldiers, which enables the reader to see the war through the eyes of the common soldier. Photographs of soldiers and genealogical information are also included. Many of the soldiers in the 5th Tennessee regiment were from Roane Co., Monroe Co., Blount Co., Meigs Co., and Hamilton Co. in East Tennessee.


"Volunteers for Union and Liberty, History of the 5th Tennessee Infantry, U.S.A., 1862-1865" copyright Robert K. Cannon, 1995 All rights reserved Library of Congress No.; 95-75454  ISBN:1-877791-01-7

This book is now in Ebook format and can be purchased on Amazon.com


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