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This roster was compiled from the official muster rolls of the regiment, the Tennessee Adjutant General's Report, and information provided by descendants of members of the regiment. Send additional information or corrections to: Robert K. Cannon

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1 Adams Henry Pvt K 18

2 Allen Robert JDW Sgt H 34 Promoted to Sgt. 63/05/02;

3 Allen William Pvt G 22

4 Allen Wilson Pvt K

5 Anderson Joseph N. Pvt C 24 AWOL 62/09/07

6 Anderson William H. Cpl H 16 Farmer from Blount Co., Tn.; Promoted to Cpl. 63/05/02

7 Andrea Max H. Capt G 28 Carpenter from Hamilton Co.; born in Germany

8 Arms Joseph Cpl G 35 From Bradley, Co., Tn.; Returned from desertion 64/09/18

9 Arms Melvin Pvt G 22 From Bradley, Co., Tn.

10 Arms Thomas Pvt I

11 Aslinger Joshua Pvt E

12 Atchley George R. Pvt I

13 Babb Abraham Pvt D 42 Buried in Babb Cemetery, Roane Co., Tn.; married to Minerva M. Derossett on 5/16/47; children Willis J., Hiram Calloway, William Malone, Margaret, Mary, Lafayette.

14 Babb Isaac Pvt D 40

15 Babb Joshua Pvt D 28

16 Bacon William A. 1st Lt F 20 Buried in Lawnville Cemetery, Roane Co., Tn.

17 Bailey Henry Pvt D

18 Baldwin Jesse W. Sgt F&S 31 Enlisted in Co. A; born Knox Co.; Postmaster 64/04/19; Buried in Fooshees Cemetary, Roane Co., Tn.

19 Ball William J. Pvt H 21 Forfeit 26 days pay

20 Bare James P. Pvt E Farmer from Hamilton Co.

21 Bare Jasper N. Cpl E 19 (see John R. Young)

22 Barker James M. Pvt K 18 Mustered in 64/2/28 at Clifton, Tn. From Blount Co., Tn.

23 Barnard George W. Pvt B 35

24 Barnawell Isaac J. Pvt B 30 Buried in Bethel/Kingston Cemetery, Roane Co., Tn.

25 Barnawell Weatherson G. Cpl B 26 Mechanic from Anson Co., N.C.; Left sick; paroled 62/10/02

26 Barnes Wilson Cpl G 31 Captured 62/09/17 at Cumberland Gap; joined CSA.

27 Barr Henry T. Pvt C 18 Originally in Co. D.

28 Baxter Boston Cpl I 18

29 Beals Francis Pvt H 21; died before 1890; maried to Ladee L. Beals.

30 Bean Charles D. Pvt G 56

31 Bean Jacob H. Cpl G From Rhea Co., Tn.

32 Bean William N. Pvt G

33 Beaty John Pvt G 22 From Bradley Co., Tn.

34 Beaty Nicholas Sgt G 40 From Bradley, Co., Tn.

35 Beaty Thomas Pvt G 28 From Bradley Co., Tn.

36 Beavers John Pvt G 27

37 Beel Michael Pvt C 57

38 Beeler Daniel Pvt D 18 At Andersonville prison 64/06/05

39 Beeler Joseph Pvt I 29 AWOL 63/10/25-65/02/25

40 Bell Daniel J. Pvt D 18; from deposition of Capt. David Sparks, "As to his habits in the army, He was what might be called a wild Boy with all of a Boys ways, yet not dissipated, never drank to excess, never absent at Roll-calls, prompt for duty, Brave and daring...he was by far my picked soldier in the Co.  always voluntereing his services for all feats of Daring at any time."

41 Bell Doctor S. Pvt B 33

42 Bell Thomas Pvt I From Blount Co., Tn;son of James N. Bell and Narcissa Parks ;brother to William J.; died in Andersonville

43 Bell William Pvt I 22; from Anderson Co., Tn.  He married Orlena Hunter.  He died Oct. 14, 1895 in Andersonville, Tn.

44 Bentley Hiram Pvt G

45 Bergan William E. Pvt C 18

46 Bibles John G. Pvt C

47 Bice Robert W. Pvt F 32

48 Bicknell George E. Pvt I 18

49 Biddix Samuel Pvt H 15

50 Biggs Franklin M. Pvt G 25

51 Biggs James D. Pvt K 36

52 Biggs James E. Pvt K 23

53 Billings Jasper Pvt A 23 Buried in Fooshees Cemetery, Roane Co., Tn.

54 Billue Robert B. Pvt I From Blount. Co, Tn.

55 Billue Stephen D. 2nd Lt I 22 From Taladega,Al.

56 Bingham Eleany D. Pvt I 33

57 Bingham Isaac N. Cpl K

58 Bingham John W. Pvt I 19

59 Blackwell Samuel Pvt H 26

60 Blair Samuel T. Sgt B 29

61 Boliles William Pvt H

62 Boucher Elisha Cpl H 40 He was married to Hester McClanahan

63 Bowden John Pvt K

64 Bowers David G. Maj F&S 32 regimental commander from July, 1864 until December, 1864 ; from Roane Co., Tn.

65 Bowers Newton M. Pvt E Lost arm from wound 62/09/15.; from Hamilton Co., Tn. (see John R. Young)

66 Bowers Samuel V. Sgt A 34

67 Boyd Andrew Sgt H 36 In hospital

68 Bracket John R. Pvt A 24

69 Bracket William Sgt E

70 Brackett Josiah Pvt A 22 Paroled 62/10/02

71 Brackett Thomas Pvt A 27 From Bradley Co., Tn.; buried in Fooshees Cemetery, Roane Co., Tn.

72 Bradley James M. Pvt K

73 Bradshaw Abraham Cpl K

74 Branham Anderson E. Pvt E

75 Brannan William T. Pvt I 18 AWOL 64/05/03-64/08/04

76 Branson David Pvt D 18 Sent to Americus, Ga.

77 Branson Henry W. Cpl D 38

78 Brashears Joseph Pvt B 55 At Murfreesboro, Tn.

79 Brashears Lorenzo D. Pvt B 47

80 Brazeal John G. Pvt D 31

81 Breedon John R. Pvt A 18

82 Brewer Joseph Pvt A 21 From Monroe, Co., Tn.

83 Brewer Soloman Pvt I

84 Brewer William T. Cpl A 23

85 Brewer William Cpl I

86 Brogden Wiley Pvt H 26 AWOL '64/12/20-65/06/11; Trsfr. to K

87 Brogden William W. Pvt H 33 Trsfr. to K 62/11/01

88 Brooks Levi Pvt G 22

89 Brown Jeremiah Pvt D 21

90 Brown Jeremiah C. Sgt C 34

91 Brown John G. Pvt A 28 Buried in Bethel/Kingston Cemetery, Roane Co., Tn.

92 Brown John B. Pvt E

93 Bryan Joel Pvt A 27

94 Bryant McDonald Cpl C 28

95 Bullin James M. Pvt F 28

96 Bunch Anderson Pvt H 24

97 Bunch Greenberry Pvt H 23

98 Bunch James Pvt F 17

99 Bunch Jesse Pvt H 17

100 Bunch Paul Pvt H 28 Captured, went to C.S.A.

101 Bunn James W. Cpl D 28

102 Burnes Henry W. Pvt B 22

103 Burnett Marcus D. LtCol F&S

104 Burnett Samuel H. Pvt A 22 AWOL 62/09/18-64/01/01

105 Burnett Thomas Pvt B 18

106 Burton John Pvt G 21

107 Bush George A. Cpl C 38

108 Bussey Hezekiah K. Pvt C 30

109 Butler William J. Cpl B 36

110 Butler William L. Pvt K Detached as Teamster 64/12/05

111 Byram William H. Pvt I 23 AWOL 64/12/19-65/11/29

112 Byrd Benjamin Pvt F 16

113 Byrd James Pvt F 18

114 Cagley Isaac Pvt B 33 Chattanooga, Tn.

115 Cailes James Pvt I Wounded on railroad

116 Calviahattse John N. Pvt A

117 Cameron James Pvt E

118 Campbell Andrew Pvt I 20

119 Campbell Hugh Pvt H 17

120 Campbell Jesse P. Pvt E

121 Campbell Joseph Pvt C 50

122 Campbell Moses T. Pvt A 23

123 Campbell William N. Pvt G 23

124 Campbell William Pvt D 33

125 Campbell William H. G. Pvt K 25 Trsfr. A; buried in Cave Creek Cemetery, Roane Co., Tn.

126 Canady Adams Sgt I 37

127 Cannon James Pvt A 18

128 Cannon Thomas H. Pvt H 42

129 Capps William F. Pvt C 18

130 Card Abraham B. Pvt F 26

131 Card Zimry Pvt F 58 enrolled 2/25/1862;ABSENT WITH LEAVE 62/08/06 served as a recruiter and "pilot" taking men from East Tennessee to Kentucky to join the Federal Army.

132 Cardwell Anthony W. Sgt D 25 Buried in Oral Cemetery, Roane Co., Tn.

133 Carpenter John T. 1st Lt K 24 Promoted from Co.H.

134 Carr Andrew Jackson. Pvt G 34 He was born October 24, 1831 and died in Mcdonald, Hamilton County, Tennesse on December 16, 1913.  He married Martha Jane Lewis in 1866 in Hamilton County. 

135 Carr John J. Pvt G 62

136 Carr Samuel Pvt H

137 Carroll David Pvt H 48

138 Carter Daniel M. Pvt A 22

139 Carter Jacob A. Pvt H 21 From Bradley Co., Tn.

140 Carter James Pvt I 20

141 Carter James Pvt I 35

142 Carter Randolph Sgt A 40

143 Carter Samuel C. Pvt D 25 Samuel married Thomas Coker's sister Elizabeth. Samuel C. Carter was born January 31, 1837 in Roane County, Tennessee.  He was the sixteenth (of 25) child of John B. Carter and Jane McCarrell Carter.  After his mother died, his father remarried and fathered nine more children.  On April 4, 1858 Samuel married Elizabeth Coker from Anderson Co., TN.  They had six children. Samuel volunteered along with his brother-in-law, Thomas Coker for service on Feb 26, 1862 at Barbourville, KY for a period of three years. They were mustered in on March 28, 1862 as a Private in Company D, 5th (East) Tennessee Infantry.  The 5th Tennessee Regiment was honorably discharged for enlistment served on March 28 1865 at Nashville, TN. Sometime before 1868 he moved to Illinois and in 1870 they moved to Polk County, Missouri.  Before 1900 Samuel was in bad health and applied for a Military Veterans pension.  The pension was approved and Samuel drew $12 a month.  Samuel then moved in with his son so he could help take care of him and they homesteaded in Driftwood, Alfalfa Co., Oklahoma Territory. Samuel died on Feb 2, 1902 and is buried in an unmarked grave north of Driftwood, OK.

144 Carter Samuel M. Pvt A

145 Carter Thomas Pvt C 28

146 Carter William E. Pvt A 18

147 Casey Isaac J. Pvt E 24

148 Casey John C. Sgt E

149 Chambers Bartley L. Pvt I 18

150 Chambers Lemuel Pvt I

151 Cheatham George Pvt K Confined at Richmond, Va.

152 Childress Robert Pvt C 22

153 Childress Samuel L. Pvt F 55 Buried in Bethel/Kingston Cemetery, Roane Co., Tn.

154 Choat Hugh Pvt E 33

155 Clark Henry S. Pvt K 21 From N.C.; detached as Teamster 64/01/13

156 Clark Leonidas M. Sgt C 19 From Harrison, Tn.

157 Clark Robert Pvt I 21 From N.C.; trsfr. from Co. D

158 Clark Verrin A. Pvt G Detached to 1st. Ohio Light Infantry

159 Cleveland Eli Pvt F

160 Clibern Elijah S. Pvt I 22 Make good 70 days

161 Clingan Judge R. Capt G 27 From Bradley Co., Tn.

162 Clinton Henry Pvt ?

163 Clouse Adam Pvt E From Hamilton Co., Tn.

164 Clouse George W. Pvt E Detached to Medical Purveyor's office 64/08/15

165 Clouse James Pvt I 16 From Hamilton Co., Tn.; detached as Provost Guard 64/06; trsfr. Co. H

166 Clouse John W. 1st Lt E From Knox Co., Tn.

167 Clouse William H. Pvt I 22 AWOL 35 days; trsfr. from Co. E. 65/04

168 Coatney George W. Pvt C 20

169 Cobb Samuel S. Capt K 22 Trsfr. from A on 62/10/01 The subject of this sketch was born March 10, 1840, at Morgantown, Tennessee, the sixth son of Sylvester Cobb. Samuel attended public school until seventeen or eighteen years of age, when the war broke out and he joined the Union army (Fifth Tennessee Infantry) as a private, gaining the captaincy of his company before the conclusion. After the war Samuel went to Webber's Falls, Cherokee Nation, and for seventeen years sold goods in connection with his brother John and a Mr. Thomas Hutton. Selling out in 1885, Samuel and the latter gentleman embarked in cattle, and in 1890 built a large three-story brick hotel, with forty bed-rooms, in Vinita, which is known as the Cobb House, and is one of the finest buildings in the Indian Territory. Mr. Cobb married Miss N. E. Vore, daughter of Major Vore, a citizen of the Cherokee Nation through his marriage with Miss Vann. Mr. and Mrs. Cobb have two children, Artie, born February 16, 1885, and Samuel A., born February 14, 1888. Mrs. Cobb is a lady of good education, and a loving wife and mother. Mr. Cobb is a man of more than ordinary intelligence and ability, and, as a businessman, has few superiors. He is owner of the Cobb Hotel, which cost $20,000, and is President of the First National Bank of Vinita, with a capital of $50,000. He has also 2,000 head of cattle, 200 head of graded horses and mules, some town lots, and 1,000 acres of farm in cultivation. Mr. Cobb was with General Sherman in his campaign through the South, and has taken part in twenty-seven engagements. Source: The Indian Territory, Its Chiefs, Legislators and Leading Men

170 Coker Thomas Pvt D 35 Thomas Coker was born in 1828 in Anderson Co., TN.  He died Aug 10, 1900 in Campbell Co., TN.  Thomas married Martha Ann Disney on May 3, 1855 in Anderson Co., TN.  Brother-in-law of Samuel C. Carter

171 Cole George W. Pvt K 23 AWOL 64/05/02-64/09/08 (removed); trsfr. from Co. H

172 Collins James Pvt I From Blount Co., Tn.

173 Collins Lewis M. Sgt A 20

174 Collins Perry Pvt I

175 Collins Robert A. Pvt I 25

176 Collins Troy Pvt H Shot in right temple; from Charleston, Tn.

177 Conner Asbury B. Pvt G 40 Trsfr. to 7th. Tn. Inf. 62/07

178 Conner Houston Pvt I Left sick at Wilmington, N.C. 65/03/08; from Blount Co., Tn.

179 Conner Lenord Cpl I 20 Bullet in shoulder

180 Conner Thomas Pvt C From Hamilton Co., Tn.

181 Cook James H. Sgt D 22

182 Cook John A. Cpl B 19

183 Cookstone Joseph Pvt E

184 Cooley James M. Pvt A 32

185 Cooper John W. Pvt C 20 Trsfr. from Co. G

186 Cooper Thomas W. 1st Lt D 30

187 Copeland Ambrose C. Pvt K

188 Copeland James W. Pvt F

189 Copeland John H. Pvt F 21

190 Copeland Lewis Pvt F 17

191 Copeland Rial L. Pvt F

192 Copeland William Pvt F 24; he was a nephew of Joseph Grubb; parents were James and Margaret (Boyd) Copeland.  He married Rutha Seiber on  Sept. 4, 1860.

193 Coward Dodson Pvt F 21

194 Cowden John L. Pvt K Gunshot in head; from Blount Co., Tn.

195 Cox James Pvt K 29 AWOL 62/09/17-64/01/05

196 Cox John W. Pvt F

197 Cox Martin Pvt K 24 AWOL 62/07/01-64/01/05

198 Cox Richard Pvt K 18 AWOL 62/05/08-64/01/05

199 Cox Rufus Pvt B 29

200 Cox Samuel Pvt K Sick at Nashville 64/12/15

201 Crabtree John Pvt H,  24, Co. H.   He was
probably born in 1838 in Tennessee.  He first married Margaret, half Cherokee
by family story, and raised three boys.  There is a persisting story among
the families of these boys that at least two of them were first named
Bennett, until Mr. Crabtree adopted them.  His first wife died in 1871. In
1872 he married Margaret Jane Fuller Amos in Roane Co. TN, and fathered an
additional ten children.  In 1888 he applied for a pension in Laclede County,
Missouri.  In 1890 he is listed in the special census in Camden Co.,
Missouri, and in 1900 he received a land grant in Camden County.  His wife
Margaret Jane, in her widow's pension application, tells his death in October
or November 1905, in Joplin, Missouri.  It is probable that he is buried in
Joplin, Jasper County, Missouri.  Margaret Jane died in Eva, Texas County,
Oklahoma, in l924, near their youngest son, Peak.  She is buried in Baker

202 Craig Samuel Pvt H 20

203 Craig William B. Pvt I 27

204 Crawford James W. Pvt D 30

205 Crawford Robert C. Capt B 35

206 Crawford William J. Cpl A 27

207 Crisp Hamilton Pvt A From Blount Co., Tn.

208 Crocket David R. Pvt A 22 AWOL 64/05/22-64/09/08; buried in Hall Cemetery, Roane Co., Tn.

209 Crocket William S Pvt A 19

210 Crowder James M. Cpl B 18, he attended medical school after the war and practiced medicine in Kingston until his death in 1916.  He also served in the Tennessee General Assembly.

211 Crowder William H. 2nd Lt G 37

212 Crudgington Robert 1st Lt H 32

213 Culvahouse Anderson Pvt A

214 Culvahouse Elias W. Sgt K 34 Buried in Paint Rock Cemetery, Roane Co., Tn.

215 Culvahouse William Pvt A 31 Buried in Fooshees Cemetery, Roane Co., Tn.

216 Cummings Jackson Pvt I From Blount Co., Tn.

217 Cummings Jacob Cpl I From Blount Co., Tn.

218 Cummings John S. Pvt K 30

219 Cummings William H. Pvt K

220 Dake James W. Pvt D 18

221 Dake Samuel J. Cpl I 21 married William Bell's sister Sarah

222 Daniel Hankins Pvt H 32

223 Daugherty Richard A. Pvt K 21 AWOL 64/02/04-64/02/27 (erroneous, removed)

224 Daugherty Thomas J. Capt C 28 Bullet wound in pelvis

225 Davis Adam Pvt H 30 Orderly for N. Witt

226 Davis James P. Pvt I 32 Bullet fractured 2nd finger of both hands

227 Davis James Pvt G 25

228 Davis James C. Pvt F 17

229 Davis John W. Pvt F 19

230 Davis Samuel Pvt I 24 Trsfr. from Co. E.

231 Davis Thomas B. Pvt G 30 From Hamilton Co., Tn.

232 Davis William Pvt G 29 Perished on the Sultana

233 Dawson Thomas A. Pvt F 17 Bullet wound in abdomen

234 Day James L. Pvt D 18 Make good 24 days; from Roane Co., Tn.

235 Day Thomas A. Pvt D 25 Make good 23 days; buried in Paint Rock Cemetery, Roane Co., Tn.

236 Dean Elmo Pvt G 27 From Bradley Co., Tn.

237 Dean Thomas Pvt K 20 From Bradley Co., Tn.; trsfr. from Co. G

238 Dearing Gilbert W. 1st Lt C Resigned for family reasons 63/04/28

239 Dearing John E. Sgt C 18 Trsfr. 64/01/00

240 Dearing Theodore C. Cpl C 16

241 Defriese Theodore Pvt E

242 Delaney Robert H. Pvt A 18 AWOL 64/05/02-64/09/08

243 Delaney Thomas M. Pvt A 18 AWOL 64/05/02-64/09/08; enrolled at Kingston

244 Delozier George H. Pvt B 29

245 Dennis Gideon M. Pvt A 23

246 Dennis Henry H. Pvt A 22

247 Dennis James Pvt E From Bradley Co., Tn.; detached as a nurse in Knoxville 64/05/14

248 Dennis Joseph Cpl A 27

249 Denny Thomas W. 1st Lt G 33 Released at Camp Chase

250 Denton Jerro P. Sgt H 33

251 Derossett Andrew L. Pvt D 27 Make good 10 days; detached as a teamster 64/04/30

252 Derossett John H. Pvt D 21 Make good 10 days

253 Dorenus Peter I. Sgt B 38 Trsfr. to 1 Batt. 64/04/08

254 Duff John J. Pvt D 20 Detached as a teamster 64/04/30

255 Duncan Francis M. Pvt F From Rhea Co., Tn.

256 Duncan Joseph Pvt I

257 Duncan Robert P. Pvt H 47

258 Dungan James L. Capt H 28 Certified unfit for duty by A.T. Lea 64/09/26 (dysentery) Trsfr. from Co. F

259 Dunlap Alvin Pvt K From Rhea Co., Tn.

260 Dunlap Jacob Pvt K 31 From Rhea Co., Tn.

261 Dunlap James Pvt K

262 Dunlap John Pvt K

263 Dunn Joseph N. Pvt K

264 Dupree James Pvt B 25 Joined 13th Kentucky Cavalry

265 Durrett Benjamin F. Pvt B 24 Discharged at Quincy, Ill. with consumption

266 Eaton Newton Pvt E Bullet fracture in finger

267 Eaton Robert D. Pvt I From Bradley Co., Tn.

268 Edwards Carick S. Pvt B 25 Died in Andersonville

269 Edwards Ivy Pvt B 41 Died in Andersonville; from Roane Co., Tn. He married Mary C. Branham and had a son Ives Edwards on 9/27/1861. 

270 Edwards John A. Pvt K; born 4/11/1828; his mother was Ann Elizabeth Wilson who married Isaac Morris of Co. K in Knox Co. in 1832 then moved to Rhea Co. He served as a clerk in the presidential election of 1852 and was elected school commissioner of Rhea Co. in 1859; he was good friends with the Dunlaps on the 5th Tn.

271 Edwards John Cpl A 25

272 Eldridge William A. Pvt E 19 Detached as a watchman on the railroad 64/10/29

273 Elliott Thomas R. Pvt G 36 From Blount Co., Tn.; enlisted in Hamilton Co., Tn.; detached as mechanic 62/12/07

274 Ellis Francis M. Pvt I 28 Make good 30 days; trsfr. from Co. D; from McMinn County

275 Elza Martin V. Pvt C 21 The Elseas are an Irish Family that made their way to Sullivan County in its early days, then moved on to Sale Creek in the 1840’s. In the Civil War, the Elseas favored the Union. John and Mary Elsea were neighbors of the Orson Shipleys in Sullivan County and the families moved together to Hamilton County. Other allied families who resettled in the same community wre the Varners and Gothards. John Elsea was born about 1780 and Mary about 172. Issac Elsea, who have married Ina Cox at Sullivan County, was among the first of the Elseas to cone to this area (Hamilton County). Ina Cox was the daughter fo James and Sarah Cox. The son of Thomas and Jane Elsea of Sullivan County, Isaac was an early settler of Rhea County. Isacc Elsea died there in 1840, and his widow returned to Sullivan County. The Isaac Elsea children included Lousia who married Fredericek Shipley, James Ellison who married Anna Strickler and then Mary Elizabeth Davidson, Caroline, Elbert who married Nancy Shipley, Minerva who married Benjamin Strickler, Mahlon who married Nannie Cartwright, Rufus and Sarah. John Elsea, who apparently a son of John and Mary Elsea, also settled in Hamilton County with his wife, Nancy, and their large family. This John Elsea was born about 1818. He was described as a large man with an Irish temper. Their children included Martin V., James Calvin, George Nelson, Samuel Pinkney, Sarah, Mary Nancy and Thomas A. Another son William C, married Barbara “Byor” Shipley, a daughter of Orson Shipley.

276 Emory Emanuel Pvt C 32 From Campbell Co., Tn.

277 England John Pvt K 42 AWOL 62/09/17-64/03/14 (removed); detached as recruiter and captured in Anderson Co., Tn.

278 Ervin Jackson Pvt C 23 From Bradley Co., Tn.; wounded in left arm

279 Ervin Jacob G. Pvt C 26 Left thigh amputated

280 Ervin Jasper Pvt E From Meigs Co., Tn.

281 Ervin Jesse J. Pvt C 23; Birth Date: 1839 Birth Location: Hawes Cross Roads, Warren County, Kentucky Death Date: February 13, 1898 Death Location: Hardcastle, Warren County, Kentucky 

282 Ervin William R. Sgt G 23 Died on train; trsfr. from Co. K

283 Ervin William B. Pvt C 28

284 Estes William N. Pvt I Trsfr. from Co. A, 3rd Regt. 63/01/11; married to Susan Boyd on April 2, 1876. Born on June 29, 1845 and died on December 25, 1928 at Sweetwater, Tn. Buried in Corinth Cemetery, Loudon, Tn.

285 Evans Evan Pvt F 17

286 Evans Nehemiah Sgt A 21

287 Evans Patrick W. Sgt A 18 From Kingston, Tn.; buried in Bowman/Bowers Cemetery, Roane Co., Tn.

288 Evans Samuel P. Capt A 22

289 Everett John C. ASugr E Resigned 64/07/15

290 Everett Thomas R. Pvt E 24

291 Farmer Stephen S. Pvt D 30 Disability from fatigue and exposure from Cumberland Gap to Ohio

292 Farmer William Pvt E Enrolled at Decatur, Tn.

293 Fennel Channer M. Pvt C 17 From Hamilton Co., Tn.

294 Fennel Samuel Pvt C 19 Enrolled at Hamilton Co., Tn.

295 Ferguson Andrew J. Pvt E 19 From Bradley Co., Tn.; AWOL Jan. and Feb. 1864

296 Ferguson Stephen R. Cpl D 18 Make good 10 days

297 Fields George W. Sgt I 20 Make good 70 days; enrolled at Blount Co., Tn.

298 Fields Luther Pvt I 25 Make good 70 days

299 Finger Adam Pvt H 23

300 Finger Francis Pvt H 16

301 Finger Henry Pvt H 32

302 Finger James Pvt H 22 AWOL 64/10/27-65/01/10; confined at Knoxville, Tn.

303 Finger John Pvt H 21

304 Finger Marion Pvt H 18 Sent to Jeffersonville, Ind. hospital; born Knox Co., Tn.; gunshot in left forearm; son of Jonas Finger and Delilah Sliger

305 Fisher Francis M. Pvt K 22 Trsfr. from A; bullet wound in left hand; he lived in Roane Co. after the war and operated a grain mill.  He is buried near Kingston.

306 Fitzgerald Eli B. Pvt I

307 Flemmings James J. Pvt I 17 Enrolled at Philadelphia, Tn.; farmer from Monroe Co.; detailed to Medical Purveyor

308 Flinn Columbus C. Cpl C 23 From Harrison, Hamilton Co., Tn.

309 Flinn George W. Pvt C 22 From Harrison, Hamilton Co., Tn.

310 Ford William N. Pvt D 20 From Meigs Co., Tn.

311 Fortner Elijah Cpl I Bullet fractured metacarpus left

312 Fortner Henry Pvt I Trsfr. from Tn. 3rd. 62/12/31; detailed to Medical Purveyor 64/08/12

313 Fortner Josiah Pvt I 20 Wounded in thigh by tree limb

314 Fowler Elijah Pvt E Meigs Co., Tn. farmer

315 Fowler John Pvt E 17 Enrolled in Decatur, Tn. on 62/03/02

316 Fowler Josephus Pvt E

317 France Samuel Pvt I From Blount Co., Tn.

318 Francis Charles S. Pvt K Trsfr. to 7th. Tn. 62/07/27

319 Free John Pvt I

320 Freeman Hastings Pvt C 16 From Hamilton Co., Tn.; paroled 62/10/11

321 Freeman John Pvt C 46 From Hamilton Co., Tn.; paroled 62/10/11

322 Freeman Joseph Pvt C 23 From Hamilton Co., Tn.

323 Fritts Jeremiah Pvt D 26

324 Fritts John C. Sgt B 25 Buried in Old Rockwood Cemetery, Roane Co., Tn.

325 Fritts Ranson Pvt D 23

326 Fritts Wiley H. Cpl B 21 Mechanic from Roane Co., Tn.

327 Fritts William N. Cpl B 20 Farmer from Roane Co., Tn.

328 Fry Alfred M. Pvt B AWOL 63/10/29; Trsfr. to Co.I 65/03

329 Fulkerson Frederick D. Capt I 22 From Philadelphia, Tn.; Trsfr. from Co. H 63/02/01

330 Fulwiter James Pvt K

331 Galloway Franklin Pvt K

332 Galyon Calvin Pvt D 43

333 Galyon John Pvt A 29 Heart disease;buried in Gaylon Cemetery, Roane Co., Tn.

334 Galyon Samuel B. Pvt D 18 From Kingston, Tn.; AWOL, make good 44 days; son of Calvin

335 Gamble Charles P. Pvt E Left sick at Loudon 64/04/30

336 Gamble John C. 1st Lt G

337 Gamble Robert L. 2nd Lt E Honorably discharged 62/05/07

338 Gamble Samuel H. Pvt K 18 From Meigs Co., Tn.

339 Gammon William T. Cpl G 23 Had typhoid; From Bradley Co., Tn.

340 Gann Campbell Pvt C 17

341 Gann Charles Pvt C 30

342 Gann Elisha Pvt C 28

343 Gann James Pvt C 47

344 Gilbert Martin Pvt E 27 Trsfr., company full

345 Gilbreath Zebulon M. Pvt E 47 Detailed blacksmith 62/07/01; detailed as engineer 64/04/30

346 Gillam John Pvt B 40

347 Gillett James A. Pvt E 27

348 Given Rush L. Cpl I 24 Shell contusion of thorax; wounded in right forearm

349 Goddard Francis M. Cpl F 22

350 Goforth Thornton Pvt G 36

351 Goin Dodson Pvt F 57

352 Goin Miller Pvt K 24 From Hamilton Co., Tn.; AWOL 64/01/20; bullet wound in left thigh

353 Goin Noah Pvt C 24

354 Good Edward Pvt B 44

355 Goodman James H. Pvt A 20

356 Goodman Matthew Pvt A 22 From Philadelphia, Tn.; AWOL 64/05/02-64/09/08

357 Gossett William N. Pvt C 20

358 Gramer George W. Pvt A 45 Joined C.S.A.; deserted 64/05/02

359 Gray Abraham W. Cpl F 23

360 Grayham Daniel J. Pvt K 24 Trsfr. from C; farmer from Bledsoe Co., Tn.

361 Grayham John B. Pvt I 18 AWOL 63/11/07-64/02/12

362 Grayson William H. Cpl A 21 From Philadelphia. Tn.; contusion of hip

363 Green George W. Pvt D 25

364 Green Isaac B. Cpl G 31

365 Green James B. Pvt F Paroled at Aikens Ready; James Berry Green. Born, 28 Mar 1835, in Rhea County, TN. Died, 1875 (?), in Dayton, Rhea County, TN. Burial in Lone Mountain, Cemetery. Was in the Union Army from 13 June 1862 to 12 June 1865 Company F. 5th Tennessee Infantry. He was captured by Confederate forces on 18 Sept 1862 in Kentucky.  He married Mahala A. Riddle, daughter of Joshua Igou Riddle and Martha Pendergrass, 1 Jan 1867. Born, 10 May 1849. Died, 1879, in Dayton, TN. He was the son of Joshua Summerfield and Anne Alexander Green (one of 16 children). Joshua Summerfield was the son of George and Judith Spillman Green.

366 Green James A

367 Green John Pvt A 19 AWOL 65/01/18-64/05/28; Monroe Co., Tn. farmer

368 Green John E. Pvt C Detached as teamster 64/05/28

369 Green Martin Pvt D 29

370 Green Samuel B. Pvt C Captured enroute to camp; detailed as teamster 64/04/30; from Hamilton Co., Tn.

371 Green William F Pvt A 20 Captured while deserting

372 Green William Cpl A

373 Green William L. Pvt G 28

374 Green William R. Pvt C 34

375 Greer Isaac C. Pvt I 31 Hamilton Co., Tn. farmer; trsfr. from Co. K.

376 Grey Charles L. Sgt C 32 Hamilton Co., Tn. farmer

377 Grigery George W. Pvt K 43 Trsfr. from Co. F, 65/03

378 Grigsby William E. Pvt G 27

379 Grills George Pvt K 18 Born in Washington Co., Tn.; wounded left upper 3rd of thigh by bullet

380 Grills James Pvt K 18 Under arrest for disobedience; bullet wound in right metatarsus

381 Grimsley James M. Cpl K 21

382 Grisham Richard Pvt E 44 From Bradley Co., Tn.; sick at Loudon 64/04/30

383 Grisham William Pvt E 30 From Bradley Co., Tn.; detailed as a cook

384 Gross John Cpl E 42 From Bradley Co., Tn.; detailed as a cook (see Pleasant Gross)

385 Gross Lewis Pvt C 52 Born in Hawkins Co., Tn.

386 Gross Pleasant Pvt E 35 Detailed as a blacksmith. Members of the Jacob Gross family were pioneer settlers at Birchwood, nad Jacob lived to be well over 100 years old. Several of his sons chose the Union side in the Civil War, and the youngest was killed in the Sultana steamboat disaster. The Grosses were originally in Virginia, but they were among the early settlers of the future Tennessee. William Gross in 1788 paid Archibald Fisher "130 pounds cash" for 300 acres in Hawkins County. William died in 1827, leaving a wife, Nancy, and children Catherine Murphy, Mary, James, William Jr., Cornelius and Sally Gilliam. A son, John, had died earlier. The grandchildren included Lewis and Margaret, who made their way to Hamilton County. Margaret married John Roark. Jacob was born in Tennessee just before it became a state and made his way to Washington in Rhea County by 1820 along with George Gross Sr., who was born in the 1770s. He and Jacob were on a jury in August 1821 that heard petit larceny charges against Dempsey Hillburn. George Gross Sr. in 1831 contributed $1 in trade toward building the Methodist Episcopal Church in Washington. George Gross Jr. married Lucinda Johnson in 1835. William Gross, who was apparently also a son of George Sr., married Mahala Sexton in 1833. They later moved to Hamilton County. George, a son of William, was killed at Fort Donelson in the Civil War. He was with the Confederacy's 26th Infantry. Jacob Gross married Polly McClanahan in Rhea County in 1820. One of their sons was named Mason "Mace" after her brother, Mason McClanahan. The other children included John, Francis Marion, George, James Pleasant, Jacob Jr., Margaret, Catherine and Alexander R. Jacob Gross farmed in Meigs County for many years, and he later lived at Birchwood with his daughter, Catherine, who had married James Witt. Jacob died in the early 1890s. John married Eliza Jane Bare, while James Pleasant married Mary Ann Dyer. Francis M. married Mary J. Guess, and Mason "Mace" married Letitia "Tish" Guess. Jacob Jr. married Mary Jane Holiday and moved to Fort Scott, Kan. Margaret married Maximillian "Mack" Conner. Alexander married Jane Martin. The brothers, John and Pleasant Gross, went to Decatur on March 2, 1862, to enlist with the Union's Company E of the Fifth Tennessee Infantry. They marched to Barboursville, KY. John served the unit as a cook and Pleasant as a blacksmith. They served through the rest of the war before being mustered out at Nashville in April 1865. John, who was in his 40s, was sick in a hospital at the war's end. Alexander was 22 when he went to Decatur in the heat of July in 1863 to join the Union's Company G of the Third Cavalry. He was captured by the Confederates at Sulphur Trestle, Ala. on Sept. 25, 1864, and was held until his release at Vicksburg on April 21, 1865. He was among those crowded on the Sultana steamer, which blew up on the Mississippi River near Memphis on April 27 as Alexander headed for Birchwood.

387 Grubb Isaac J. Pvt F 26

388 Grubb James M. Pvt D 18 Trsfr. to Vet. Reserve Corps. 63/07/01

389 Grubb John S. Pvt D 19

390 Grubb Joseph P. Pvt F 54 Farmer from Roane Co., Tn.  Born in Va., married to Lucinda Boyd on 4/13/1831.  He died Aug., 1887.  He was the father of Joseph and King W.

391 Grubb Joseph P. Pvt F 18; His brother Isaac obtained a special permit to take Jospeh to a private home.  Isaac was with him when he died and helped bury him.

392 Grubb King W. Pvt F 15; born in Roane Co., Tn.  He married Catherine J. Evans on Sept. 13,, 1866 and they divorced. He married 2nd Rosa Anna Whitaker on Nov. 18, 1888.  Buried in Hickory Creek, Knox Co., Tn.

393 Hacker Alfred M. Pvt H 16 McMinn Co., Tn. farmer; wounded in head and neck; great grandparents came from Germany and was in the Rev. War

394 Hacker Joel Pvt B 45 AWOL 62/07/26-64/04/12

395 Hacker Joseph Pvt I 19 AWOL 62/07/26-64/04/12; make good 22 mos.; Origin. Co. B

396 Hackler Thomas Pvt D 21

397 Haggard George P. Pvt K 18

398 Haggard John N. Capt F 23

399 Hagler Jacob S. Capt F 40

400 Haines Jackson Pvt G 29

401 Hale William J. Pvt C From Campbell Co., Tn.; make good 1 mo. and 6 days

402 Hall Alexander Cpl E 18 From Bradley Co., Tn.

403 Hall Benjamin Pvt H 16 From Bradley Co., Tn.

404 Hall James Pvt H 25 Bullet wound in left arm

405 Hall William Pvt H 19 Bullet wound in left leg

406 Hamilton David J. Pvt E 19

407 Hamilton Harvey N. Pvt D 43 From Knox Co., Tn.

408 Hamilton Samuel Pvt I 24 Trsfr. from Co. D 65/03

409 Hamilton William J. Pvt D From Roane Co., Tn.

410 Hammonds Isaac J. Pvt D 18

411 Hammontree Alexander Cpl H 26 Blount Co., Tn. farmer

412 Hammontree Harvey A. Cpl H 17 Blount Co., Tn. farmer

413 Hammontree Hiram Pvt H 15 Captured while deserting; sent to Camp Chase; make good 10 days; paroled 65/02/26

414 Hammontree James Pvt H 24

415 Hammontree James E. Sgt H 30 Wounded at New Hope Church

416 Hammontree John H. Pvt H 20 Sent to Americaus,Ga. and paroled; bullet wound in left leg; AWOL under arrest 64/01/04

417 Hammontree John Cpl I 26 Absent on furlough 65/05/27

418 Hammontree Thomas H. Pvt H 24 From Blount Co., Tn.

419 Hammontree Thomas H. Pvt H 24

420 Hammontree William Pvt H 20 Paroled at Knoxville, Tn.; Blount Co., Tn. farmer; detailed as blacksmith 64/05/22

421 Hanes Stephen Pvt G Chronic bronchitis

422 Haney Ashal N. Pvt E 23 Paroled; detached as railroad watchman 64/10/21; make good 1 month

423 Haney William R. Pvt E Paroled; detached to Medical Purveyor 64/08/15

424 Harden Eli Pvt C

425 Haris Larance D. Pvt K

426 Harles John Pvt I 27 Paroled 62/11/01; detailed as telegraph officer 64/08/16 at Marietta, Ga.

427 Harris Albert G. Pvt D 28

428 Hartman Alfred Pvt C 20, died at Knoxville during training, from pneumonia.
The family thinks he contracted measles or influenza, and it worsened. His body
was sent home to Hamilton County, TN, and he is buried in the Red Bank Cemetary
next to his brothers.

429 Hartman Madison Pvt K 23 Hamilton Co., Tn. farmer; was wounded at Resaca on May 14th, 1864. Apparently
he recovered enough from his wounds to return to duty, for he was mustered out with
the company at the end of the war. He returned to Dry Valley, north of Chattanooga,
where he farmed, He died July 24, 1911, and is buried in the Red Bank Cemetary,
Red Bank, TN

430 Hartman Thomas J. Pvt K 26 AWOL 64/03/27-64/12/12; trsfr. from Co. C; During
this time his son, age 9, died, as did a nephew and younger brother, Alfred, and
youngest brother William. He returned to the 5th on December 13, 1863, and agreed
to serve and make up the time of his absence. However, he was discharged with the
rest of the unit at the end of the war. He returned to Dry Valley, and succesfully
submitted a claim for damages to his property amounting to more than $2400, which
was paid by the federal government. He died March 22, 1906, and is buried in the
Red Bank Cemetary, Red Bank, TN.

431 Harvey Franklin M. Pvt G 22 Trsfr. from E; detailed to drive team to Ky. 64/02/01

432 Harvey George W. Pvt B 20

433 Harvey William A. Pvt G 21 AWOL 64/02/08

434 Hawkins James W. Pvt K 29 Bradley Co., Tn. farmer

435 Hawkins Joseph H. Pvt K 18 AWOL 64/02/17; make good 21 days; from Bledsoe Co., Tn.

436 Hays John G. Pvt K

437 Headrick James Pvt I 35 Make good 70 days

438 Headrick Peter Pvt I From Blount Co, Tn.

439 Heaton Calvin Pvt E

440 Heaton Hanibal H. Pvt G 23 Desertion removed

441 Heaton Robert Pvt G 25 Bullet wound in metatarsous

442 Heaton William Pvt G 30

443 Hedgecock Willis E. Capt H 48 Promoted from Co. B

444 Henderson Napoleon B. Pvt D 35

445 Henderson Samuel B. Pvt G 22

446 Henderson Thomas S. Pvt A 18 Make good 1 month

447 Hendrick Nathan G. Pvt G 29 Born in N.C. and lived in Bradley Co., Tn.

448 Hendrickson Benjamin L. Pvt B 27

449 Hendrickson Levi R. Pvt B 19 AWOL 63/12/14-64/02/28; make good 2 months and 14 days; from Roane Co., Tn.

450 Hendrickson Samuel J. Pvt B 25

451 Hendrickson Wilis,II H. Pvt I 18 AWOL 62/05/09-63/12/01; make good 18 months and 20 days

452 Hensly Samuel H. Pvt A 18

453 Hensly William Cpl C 33 From Hamilton Co., Tn.

454 Henson William H. Pvt A 26 Paroled 62/10/11; trsfr. from Co. H; from Loudon Co., Tn.

455 Herold Thomas Pvt C 46 Detached duty in Chattanooga 64/04/30

456 Herrington Samuel Pvt D 23

457 Hester Basil Pvt B 27 Make good 4 months

458 Hickman Elias Pvt K 26 Trsfr. from Co. F

459 Hicks Matthew Cpl C 30

460 Hines Samuel J. Pvt B 37 Paroled from Andersonville at Vicksburg; Survived Sultana disaster; buried in Prospect Cemetery

461 Hixson James Pvt G 19

462 Holland Samuel M. Pvt F

463 Holmes John R. 2nd Lt C 30 From Hamilton Co., Tn.

464 Holt Franklin A. Pvt E From Bradley Co., Tn.; detailed to Col. Ross 64/08/15

465 Hopper Hanse H. Pvt K Trsfr. from Co. A

466 Hornsby Franklin Pvt I 27 Trsfr. from Co. D

467 Hornsby Jasper Cpl D 19 Paroled Jacksonville, Fla. 65/04/29 from Andersonville

468 Hornsby John Cpl D 22

469 House George W. Pvt G 53

470 Howard Leroy Pvt K 31 Trsfr. from Co. G; from Bledsoe Co., Tn.

471 Howard Reason Pvt G

472 Howser Henry M. Pvt G 25

473 Howser Milton Pvt G 27 AWOL 63/12/08-64/01/11; from Charleston, Tn.

474 Hudson Alexander Pvt B 27 From Anderson Co., Tn.; AWOL 63/10/29

475 Huffman Douthard Pvt D 33 Discharged at Murfreesboro, Tn.; farmer from Roane Co., Tn.

476 Hughes Stephen Pvt K Left arm amputated from gunshot wound; farmer from Hancock Co., Tn.  Wounded 5/14/1864 in the Battles of Resaca.   He was born in Cumberland Gap, Tennessee and died in Chicago,IL.. He is buried at the Leavenworth National cemetery in Leavenworth Kansas.

477 Hunter Robert B. Sgt G 40 Trsfr. to 4th. Tn. Cav. on promotion 63/08

478 Hutsel John L. Cpl I

479 Hutson James Pvt G 24

480 Hyce William A. Pvt E 16 Detailed as a teamster 64/05/27; Blount Co., Tn. farmer

481 Hyde Alexander Pvt G 48

482 Inman John W. Pvt A 18

483 Isbel Henry Pvt I Paroled from Andersonville, Ga. 65/03/02

484 Isem William Pvt H 24

485 Isham George W. Pvt B 36

486 Isham Jordan Pvt B 18

487 Isham Lewis J. Pvt B 18 From Roane Co., Tn.

488 Isham William F. Pvt B 19

489 Isham William B. Pvt B 52

490 Isom Benjamin F. Pvt E 23 Captured and forced to join Rebel army; escaped and reported at Grayson, Ky. 62/10/02

491 Jack David Pvt E 44 Paroled 62/10/06

492 Jackson Ashal Pvt K 18 Trsfr. from Co. C

493 James Francis Pvt B 19

494 James James W. Pvt B 18 Farmer from Roane Co, Tn.

495 James Tandy Pvt C 21 Bullet wound in right thigh; mustered into 7th Tn.; trsfr. 62/02/25; from Hamilton Co., Tn.

496 James William Pvt C 26 Orderly for Shelley at Loudon; mustered in 7th Tn. and trsfr. 62/02/25

497 Jiles William H. Pvt A 21 From Roane Co., Tn.; lived at Carthage, Tn.

498 Jinkens Eli Cpl I 27

499 Johnson Berry Cpl A 20 Forfeit 15 days pay; Roane Co., Tn. farmer

500 Johnson Blackburn Pvt G 32 Returned 64/07/04; from Rhea Co., Tn.

501 Johnson Garlin H. Pvt G 25 Absent on leave 64/12/31; Monroe Co., Tn. farmer

502 Johnson James E. Pvt E

503 Johnson James H. Pvt K Not on subsequent rolls

504 Johnson Thomas Pvt A 38 From Polk Co., Tn.; buried at Pest House in Nashville, Tn.

505 Johnson William H. Pvt E Sick at Loudon 64/04/30-64/12/31; detached duty 65/02/28

506 Johnston Joseph Pvt D 30

507 Jones David R. Pvt H 31 Paroled 62/10/11; disability from chronic diarrhea

508 Jones Eli C. Pvt I 17

509 Jones Francis M. Pvt I 21 Farmer from Blount Co., Tn.; trsfr. from Co. H 65/05

510 Jones Henry S. Sgt C 22 Promoted to Sgt. 64/03/01

511 Jones James M. Pvt H Farmer from Blount Co., Tn.

512 Jones John J. Pvt G 23 AWOL 64/11/12

513 Jones Lewis G. Pvt I 25 Trsfr. to Co. K 65/05/27; born in Roane County, Tenn., September 24, 1837. He is a son of John Jones, who was born in Washington County, Tenn., in 1810. The latter was a son of Lewis Jones, who removed to Tennessee, it is believed, from Virginia. He followed farming most of his life in Tennessee, where he died at an advanced age. He reared a large family, of whom John was one of the older sons. John Jones married Isabella Raulston, of Tennessee, daughter of Moses Raulston, who came from Ireland, and who was a finished scholar. His wife was Mary Denny, of Tennessee, who was left alone with five small children, all of whom she reared. Lewis G. Jones is one of eighteen children;He was married first in 1856, to Louisa Phillips, who bore him five sons and one daughterHe settled first in Goreville Township, on an ei-hty-acre farm belonging to his mother. His first farm in Illinois consisted of eighty acres, now a part of his present farm of one hundred and nineteen acres. Mr. Jones was Treasurer of the Township Board and a Cominissioner. He is a member of the Odd Fellows' fraternity.

514 Jones William G. Pvt G 42 Trsfr. to 5th Tn MI 64/10/10; left sick in New Albany, Ind. '62/12/07

515 Jones William N.B. 1st Lt F Absent recruiting 62/08/31; Detailed to command 1st Wis. Inf. 64/09/10

516 Jones William H. Cpl C 20;lies in an unmarked grave in the GAR section of a cemetery in Ardmore.

517 Jones William Pvt C 47 Jefferson Co., Tn. farmer

518 Jones William J. Pvt H 17 Farmer from Meigs Co., Tn.

519 Jordan Ozias Pvt F 37 Absent sick with smallpox 64/04/12

520 Keith Edmund E. Pvt F 20 Escaped while being held as POW

521 Keith John P. Pvt F 18 Escaped while being held as POW; absent detached 64/06/05

522 Kelley James J. 1st Lt C 29 From Bradley Co., Tn.; disability from heart disease

523 Kelley Robert Marion Pvt A 23 From Philadelphia, Tn.; he died at the old soldiers home outside Dodge City on 4/6/1918; he married Cynthia Jane Leonard.

524 Kelley William R. Pvt A 19 Wounded from shell with contusion in leg; absent until 65/04/04; Roane Co., Tn. farmer

525 Kelly George W. Cpl C 24 Deserted and captured, joined Wolford's Cav.; returned to 5th on 62/10/10

526 Kelsay David C. 2nd Lt D 27

527 Kernell Jesse Pvt F 25 AWOL 62/05/14-64/04/02; wounded in right foot; restored to duty with loss of pay; trsfr. to Co.K

528 Kernell William Pvt F 27 AWOL 62/07/26-64/06/13; restored with loss of pay; trsfr. to Co.K

529 Kile Amos H. Pvt I 26 Buried in Fooshees Cemetery, Roane Co., Tn.; trsfr. from Co. D 65/03

530 King Ephraun C. Pvt I 26 Blount Co., Tn. farmer

531 Kittrell Francis M. Cpl A 18

532 Kittrell Granville Cpl H 19 Monroe Co., Tn. farmer

533 Knox Jeremiah Cpl H 30

534 Kollock Joseph 1st Lt D Resigned due to double hernia

535 Lacey Rueben Pvt D 24 On detached duty 64/08/12

536 Lacey William H.H. Cpl G 25 From Bradley Co., Tn.; born in Jefferson Co., Tn.

537 Lacy John D. Pvt H 43 Detached as nurse 64/11

538 Lambert Joseph Pvt G 24 From Bradley Co., Tn.; originally from Georgia

539 Lane Benjamin T. Pvt E 24 From Bradley Co., Tn.

540 Lane Elias Pvt E 48

541 Lane James W. Cpl E Bullet wound in left leg

542 Lane John J. 1st Lt F&S Resigned 64/06/29

543 Lane John C. Pvt E 25 Farmer from Roane Co., Tn.

544 Lane Thomas J. Pvt G 23 Trsfr. from E 62/04/15; Bradley Co., Tn. farmer

545 Laughlin Lycurgus Sgt I 19 Monroe Co., Tn. farmer Lycurgus Laughlin b. 8/28/1843, Philadelphia, Monroe
Co., TN d. 4/14/1914, near Cushing, Payne Co., OK. Wed Nancy Jane Berry, his cousin, 10/24/1867 in
Williamsburg (sic), Whitley Co., KY. Lycurgus enlisted 11/1/1862 at Williamsport, (sic) KY for
a term of three years in Co., I, 5th Tenn. Inf. Mustered in 11/20/1862 at Louisville, KY. He was detailed as a
policeman. In September 1864 he was detailed as a chief of police. April 1865 detailed to Nashville, TN.
After marriage Lycurgus operated a hotel in Kentucky for a short while. In 1871 he resided Oak Grove, La Fayette
Co., MO. He resided for three years at Lineville, Wayne Co., IA near relatives. In Feb. 1890 he resided Perth,
Sumner Co., KS. In Feb. 1893 he resided Clayton, Payne Co., OK. He filed for a civil war pension on 5/15/1898 and
received eight dollars a month. On Sep. 30, 1914, his wife Nancy filed for a widow's pension; she resided Cushing,
Payne Co., OK. Lycurgus was the youngest child of Thomas Price Laughlin, Jr. and Nancy Page Maddy. Both are buried at Philadelphia
Cemetery, Philadelphia, Loudon Co., TN.

546 Lawhorn Joel Pvt D 18 Under arrest for desertion; returned 64/09/08 to make good 44 days; Knox Co., Tn. farmer.

547 Laws James H. Pvt G 29

548 Laws Larkin Pvt G 27

549 Lawson Green Pvt H 23 From Bradley Co., Tn.; AWOL, forfeited 2 months pay

550 Lawson James D. Pvt H 19 Bullet wound in left side of face; forfeit 26 days pay

551 Lawson James A. Pvt K 21 Bledsoe Co., Tn. farmer; AWOL forfeit 21 days pay

552 Laymons Thomas Pvt C 22 AWOL, forfeit 21 days pay; Hamilton Co., Tn. farmer

553 Lea Albert F Surg F&S 24 Brother-in-law to Col. R.K. Byrd

554 Ledford Asbery S. Cpl K 18 Born in Cherokee Co., N.C.

555 Lemons George P. Pvt K 19 From Carthage, Tn.

556 Lemons Rueben Pvt H 32 Detached with Medical Surgeon's Office in Atlanta 64/09/10

557 Letsinger Andrew J. Pvt F 37 Returned from desertion 63/07; absent sick 64/05-64/12/01

558 Letsinger Daniel B. Pvt D 33

559 Lewis Harvey H. Pvt B 35 Trsfr. to Co. K 62/03/19; absent sick 63/09-64/02; born in Wilkes Co., N.C.

560 Lewis John L. Pvt A 30 Muster in at Kingston, Tn.

561 Lewis Thomas L. Pvt A 18 Trsfr. to Co. B 2nd Batt., Invalid Corps 63/06 and returned 64/05/14;  He
is buried at Porter Chapel Cemetery near Competion, Missouri near Lebanon

562 Liles Abner C. Pvt F 17 Roane Co., Tn. farmer

563 Liles Benjamin C. Pvt K 21 Roane Co., Tn. farmer.

564 Liles John Pvt B 18 Pledged alligance to C.S.A.

565 Liles Newton Cpl F 32 Buried in Bethel/Kingston Cemetery, Roane Co., Tn.;absent sick 63/11-65/02

566 Liles Peterson M. Pvt D 20 Sick at Chattanooga 64/11/10; sick at Washington 65/03/02; Roane Co., Tn. farmer

567 Liles William E. Cpl K 18

568 Line Samuel Pvt G 26 Waggoneer, detailed to drive train to Ky. 64/02/01

569 Line William Sgt G 35 Promoted to 1st Sgt. 64/02/01; buried near Kingston, Ga.; Roane Co., Tn. farmer

570 Littleton William S. 2nd Lt D 20 Resigned with Rubeola diarrhea 62/06/01.

571 Lively Benjamin Pvt F 57 AWOL 62/09/17-64/03/30; loss of pay; trsfr. Co. K

572 Lively John Pvt F 26 Exchanged; deserted 62/09/17-64/03/20; trsfr. Co.K

573 Lively Jordan A. Cpl F 43 Captured while deserting; horse thief; pledged to C.S.A.

574 Lively Larkin Pvt F 20

575 Lively Robert Pvt F 23 Deserted 62/09/17-64/03/30; trsfr. Co. K

576 Lively Wiley Pvt F 28 Deserted 62/09/17-64/03/30; trsfr. Co. K

577 Locket James M. Pvt B 32, farmer from Fairview, TN (Roane County). Married to Mary Ann Hoskins. Children: Martha W., Amsterd Luther, Margaret "Peggy Ann", L.F. Selina, and Mary. Buried at Chattanooga National Cemetery

578 Loftis David Pvt K 22 From Bradley Co., Tn.; gunshot in left leg, amputated; buried in City Cemetery

579 Loftis William J. Pvt K 21 Farmer from Bradley Co., Tn.

580 Louis Joseph Pvt I Returned from desertion 64/09/08; born Wilkes Co., N.C.; gunshot wound in right leg

581 Love Joseph N. Pvt B 33 Bullet wound in 2nd finger on right hand; returned from desertion 64/12/26

582 Loveday Charles C. Pvt D 43

583 Loveday George Pvt K 18

584 Low Matthew A. Pvt G 43

585 Lowery William T. 1st Lt B 22

586 Luton Wiley Pvt A 45

587 Lyle John A. Pvt D 23 Buried in Abbott Cemetery, Roane Co., Tn.; born in Jefferson Co., Tn.; lived in Loudon Co., Tn.

588 Maddux John C. Cpl C 18

589 Magill Finnis L. Pvt F 17

590 MaGill William M. 2nd Lt F 19

591 Manning Samuel Pvt F 18 Trsfr. to Co. K 65/05/27; born in Cumberland Co., Tn.; make good 1 month

592 Manning William J. Pvt C 33 Jefferson Co., Tn. farmer

593 Marney David V. Pvt H 36 Paroled at Camp Chase; buried in Prospect Cemetery

594 Marney Samuel Sgt H 29 From Roane Co., Tn.

595 Marney Samuel 2nd Sgt H Guard at Loudon 64/01; hospital corps. 64/05; nurse 64/10; stretcher bearer 64/11

596 Martin Archy P. Pvt I From Greene Co., Tn.; gunshot in left leg, amputated

597 Martin Gilbert Pvt H 27 Forfeit 26 days pay; trsfr. from Co. E

598 Martin John M. Pvt H 24 Forfeit 26 days pay; Meigs Co., Tn. farmer

599 Martin Marcellus Pvt E 19

600 Martin Robert N. Pvt B 30 Exchanged; detached as teamster 64/05/27; Roane Co, Tn. farmer

601 Martin William P. Pvt B 18 Desertion removed

602 Masses Newberry Pvt I Found guilty of thievery

603 Masterson Monroe Capt C Resigned due to disabilities

604 Mathews Anderson Pvt C 21 Lived in Kingston, Tn.; AWOL 64/01/19-64/07/05

605 Matlock James P. Sgt K 21 Buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, Roane Co., Tn. Born 1840/12/21 and died 1915/04/12

606 Matthews Cullin J. Pvt E Trsfr.; sent to hospital sick 64/06/02

607 Matthews George W. Pvt G 46 Trsfr. 4th. Tn. Cav. 63/02/13; absent recruiting 62/08/12

608 May Joseph A. Pvt I 23 AWOL 62/09/18-64/01/01, make good time; trsfr. from Co. B

609 Mayberry James C. Pvt F 26

610 Mayo Blackmore H. Pvt H 19 Monroe Co., Tn. farmer; in Washington hospital 65/01/28 with bronchitis

611 McAlister Pulaski G. Cpl G 26. Andrew Jackson McAllister was born near Madisonville in Monroe County. He was likely a descendant of the Revolutionary War soldier. He moved when a boy with his parents to near Harrison in Hamilton County. Some of the McAllisters fought on the Union side, including William McAllister, father of A.J. McAllester. William McAllister died at the notorious prison camp that the Confederates operated at Andersonville in South Georgia. His widow was Eliza Ann Wilson McAllister. His other children included Pulaski G., Amanda, Teresa, Elizabeth, Malinda, Thomas, William W., James Buchanan and Mary. Pulaski fought for the Union Army with Company G of the Fifth Tennessee Infantry. He married Laura, who was from North Carolina.

612 McCaleb Charles C. LtCol F&S 28 Resigned 64/08/07 with disabilities

613 McCall Samuel Pvt B 27

614 McCalley Samuel H. Pvt A 18

615 McCallie Archible L Cpl E

616 McCallie John Sgt E

617 McCane Anderson L. Pvt I 23 Roane Co., Tn. farmer; trsfr. from Co. B 65/03; detached to Medical Purveyor 64/09/14

618 McCane William Pvt A 18

619 McCarrol Columbus C. Pvt I 21 Roane Co., Tn. farmer; trsfr. from Co.B 65/03; AWOL 64/02/22

620 McCarroll Albert Pvt A 26 AWOL; make good 13 days

621 McCarroll Charles J. Pvt A 18 Roane Co., Tn. farmer; AWOL 64/02-64/09; under arrest

622 McCarroll James W. Pvt H 25 Left sick in Murfreesbor 63/04/02; forfeit 12 days

623 McCarroll John Pvt A 45 Absent sick 64/05-64/12

624 McClanahan Hiram D. Pvt E 23

625 McClanahan James F. Pvt E 25 From Meigs Co., Tn.

626 McClanahan Mace Pvt E 17 Company cook

627 McClanahan Miles Pvt E 16 From Meigs Co., Tn.

628 McCollem William M. Pvt D 22

629 McCormick David A. Pvt F 30

630 McCormick Francis Pvt K Captured while deserting; paroled

631 McCormick Isaac Pvt G 24 Sent to Brown Gen'l. Hospital, Louisville, Ky.

632 McCracken James Pvt A 18 Forfeit 15 days pay; born in Jonesborough, Tn. and died in 1930 in Crystal, Michigan.

633 McCracken Samuel Pvt A 20 AWOL 64/12/20

634 McDonald Francis M. Pvt F

635 McDonald VanBuren Cpl K 22 Blount Co., Tn. farmer; AWOL 63/12/29 forfeit 26 days

636 McGill John W. Pvt I 18 Trsfr. from Co. B; Roane Co., Tn. farmer

637 McGill William M. Pvt K 42

638 McIntire Henry Pvt A 26

639 McIntire John H. Pvt A 30

640 McKee Andrew Pvt  was born in Monroe County, TN. on Dec. 28th, 1845. His father was Stephen Mckee and his mother was listed as Ms. Mowry. His mother had passed away by 1851 as his father remarried Ms. Elizabeth Thomas. He was raised in Monroe County. Stephen McKee, his father, was a gunsmith and had his own business in Sweetwater. Andrew (everyone called him Andy) enlisted in the Union Army on Nov. 1st, 1862 in Blount County, TN. at the age of 17. He joined as a private in Company I, 5th Reg't East TN. Infantry. He was on the muster-out Roll at Nashville TN. on June 30th, 1865. After the war, he returned to Monroe County and became a farmer. He married Nancy Regans whom was born in Monroe County on Feb. 15th, 1850. She was born to Thomas Regans and Racheal Daniels. Andrew and Nancy were wed on Jan. 13th, 1870. The couple immediatly moved to AL. where they stayed about 5 years. The children born to them in AL. was Steve McKee born Oct. 22nd, 1870, Racheal Elizabeth McKee born June 14th, 1872, Mary Louvinia McKee born Dec. 18th, 1873, and George McKee born Sept. 1st, 1875. The family then moved to Dyer County in Western TN. The children born in Dyer County were William McKee born Dec. 18th, 1877, Margarett McKee born Oct. 1st, 1879, Maude May McKee born March 11th, 1882, John McKee born June 28th, 1884, Nick McKee born Dec. 31st, 1886, Jeff McKee born Feb. 17th, 1870, Earnest McKee born June 20th, 1892, and Amos McKee born Jan. 5th, 1896. Andrew and his family live near Okenna Bluff on land that was rented to him by his daughter Margarett's father in law, William Simon Scott. He lived there until his passing. Nancy McKee, his wife, passed away on July 18th, 1920 and Andrew passed away on Oct. 15th, 1921. They are both buried at Sorrel's Chapel Cemetary, near Dyersburg TN. along with most of the children. Andrew has a monument that has his Company Reg't engraved on it.

641 McKnight Thomas Pvt E 20 McMinn Co., Tn. farmer; detached with 1st Middle Tn. Batt. 63/09/18-64/02

642 McLaughlin John Pvt H 23

643 McMillin George W. Surg F&S Disabled due to renal and pulmonary disease

644 McTeer Calvin A. Pvt I 18 Blount Co., Tn. farmer

645 Medley Arthur A. Cpl E 25 White Co., Tn. farmer

646 Melton James Fowler Pvt H 39 From Bradley Co., Tn. ;died in Nashville, Tn. in 1863 and is buried in the National Cemetery at Nash. His son is Uriah Cooper Melton.

647 Melton Uriah Cooper, Pvt H 17 Meigs Co., Tn. farmer

648 Mercer Thomas F. Pvt B 37

649 Miller Andrew J.M. Pvt A 18 Buried in Fooshees Cemetery, Roane Co., Tn. He was born march 26,1845 in Roane Co. He was 18 years old when he was discharged from the 5th regiment after serving three years. his dates of service were feb. 12,1862 until April 4,1865.he was described as being five feet tall, having a sullen complexion ,black eyes ,dark hair, and occupation when enrolled: farmer. 

650 Miller John M. Pvt H 39 Detached at Marietta, Ga. 64/08/31

651 Miller John H. Sgt A 31 Buried in Fooshees Cemetery, Roane Co., Tn.

652 Miller Mark S. Pvt A 27

653 Miller Thomas J. Pvt A 21 Buried in Fooshees Cemetery, Roane Co., Tn. Born 1841/02/25 and died 1916/02/25

654 Miller Thomas 2nd Lt E 37

655 Miller William Pvt A 18 From Lawrence Co., Ohio; disbabled with phthisis pulmonatis

656 Miller Wright S. Pvt E 41 Paroled 63/07/08

657 Mills David Pvt H 22

658 Millsaps Jasper N. Pvt C 28

659 Mincey David Pvt B 47

660 Mincey Robert Pvt B 24 Sent to Andersonville,Ga.; survived Sultana disaster; trsfr. from Co. B

661 Mitchell George W. Pvt K 18 Born in Polk Co., Tn.

662 Modlin David Pvt G 36 From Pine Knot, Tn.

663 Monds Daniel B. Pvt D 43

664 Mooneyhan Calvin Pvt F 26 Bledsoe Co., Tn. farmer

665 Moore James N. Pvt F 40 At Camp Chase; returned from desertion 63/03/25; grape fracture of left thigh

666 Moore Samuel J. Pvt B 28 Trsfr. to Co. I 63/03/28

667 Moore William H. Pvt C

668 Moreland William H. Pvt D 28 Captured while deserting; paroled

669 Morgan Francis M. Pvt F

670 Morgan James Pvt G 39 From Hamilton Co., Tn.; a "good and faithful soldier" per Lt. Col. Nat Witt; James enlisted as a Pvt. at Camp Pine Knot, Tn. in Co. G.  He was sent home due to illness several times during the war;  After his final illness, he returned to service.  James died in Hospital 3 in Nashville on 4/3/65 from typhoid fever..  His wife, Loudemi Morgan, was notified of his death and walked to Nashville to claim his body.  Due to his excellent performance as a soldier, his Capt. recommended an Army wagon and an escort to transport his body to Georgetown.  Married to Ludema Haven on 9/2/48 in Bradley Co.  Children were Charles Thomas, Nancy Ann, Sarah Elizabeth, John Beaver, Hiram, William B., James Campbell, and General Rosecrans.

671 Morgan John W. Pvt F 33 Sick from 64/04/12-mustering out

672 Morris George W. Pvt K 26 Bledsoe Co., Tn. farmer

673 Morris Isaac Pvt K Paroled 63/01/09; captured while deserting in Anderson Co., Tn.; honorable discharage denied

674 Mouns Daniel Pvt K

675 Mullens John M. Pvt B 24 AWOL 64/12/20-65/01/20

676 Mullins Josiah S. Pvt K 35 Forfeit pay; Roane Co., Tn. farmer

677 Murphy James Pvt G 36 Paroled 62/08/20; died at the residence of Dr. W. E. Dickinson

678 Murphy John M. Pvt G 42

679 Musick James C. Pvt K 20 AWOL; loss of pay for 21 days

680 Myers Henderson Pvt I 27 Trsfr. from Co. E 65/04/08

681 Nash James W. Cpl F 34 From Hamilton Co., Tn.; wounded by shell fragment to right arm; buried at Chattanooga National Cemetery.  married to Nancy C.

682 Nealy John Pvt K 18 Trsfr. from Co. C 65/05/27

683 Nelson Andrew J. Pvt D 33 Sick from 65/03/23 until mustering out

684 Nelson William Pvt A 25

685 Newman Jacob Pvt C 42 Roane Co., Tn farmer; loss of pay from desertion

686 Newman Richard Pvt D 31

687 Newman Samuel Pvt C 15 Make good 1 month and 7 days

688 Nichols John W. Pvt I 25

689 Nipper Thomas W. Pvt B 32

690 Norman William Pvt E Promoted to Sgt. 63/03/14 and reduced in rank by Major Bowers 64/10/03

691 Nunn John H. Sgt D 25 Saddler from Claiborne Co., Tn.

692 Ogle Cleason Pvt A

693 Olinger Daniel Pvt F 30 AWOL 63/09/15-63/11/05 Make good time lost

694 Olinger Jacob,Jr. C. Pvt C 17 Paroled City Point, Va. 63/06/13; farmer from Meigs Co., Tn.

695 Olinger Jacob,Sr. C Pvt C 56

696 Olinger Joseph Pvt C 18 Paroled City Point, Va. 63/05/26

697 Oliver William H. Pvt D 37 Discharged at Big Creek Gap.: From Bradley Co., Tn.

698 Orr Clements S. Pvt H 34 Returned Camp Chase 63/02/26

699 Overby Thomas Pvt K

700 Overholster Andrew T. Pvt G 40 From Bradley Co., Tn.

701 Owenby James Pvt A

702 Owenby John Pvt A Ordered by Sherman.; From Bradley Co., Tn.

703 Owenby Thomas Pvt A

704 Owings Elisha R. Pvt K Absent recruiting 63/04/21

705 O'Donnell James C. Pvt B 27

706 O'Neal Joseph Pvt K 18 AWOL 64/11/12-65/03/28; drop charges denied

707 O'Neal Newton Pvt A 19 AWOL 64/11/12-65/03/26; Trsfr. from H

708 Packet James Pvt I 30 Monroe Co., Tn. farmer; died of disease of lungs at Philadelphia, Loudon Co., Tn. in June, 1883; father of Mary E., Sarah, Alice, 

709 Pain William Pvt I Bullet wound in lungs, bullet lodged

710 Painter Lafayette Pvt G 32 AWOL 63/12/08-64/06/06

711 Pane James Pvt I 18 AWOL 64/12/19-65/03/26

712 Parker Aaron Pvt A 33 Shell concussion in the head

713 Parker Nicholas Pvt A

714 Parker Phillip Pvt D 34 Roane Co., Tn. farmer

715 Parks David Pvt D 31 Make good 28 days;He died of typhoid fever at Spring Hill, Tennessee.on December 26, 1864;David married Lucy Pugh /Devaney, daughter of Aaron /Devaney and Wilmuth L. /Fawn, on Jan 9, 1853 in , Roane, Tennessee.

716 Parks James Pvt D 23

717 Parks Richard Pvt C 30 Returned; born in Pittsylvania, Va.

718 Parks Rueben Pvt D 27; died in Webster Co., MO in 1875

719 Parrett Anderson Pvt C 21

720 Parrett George Pvt C 32 Hamilton Co., Tn. farmer; born in 1851 at Soddy.  He migrated to Milam Co., Tx. in c. 1885.

721 Parrett Monroe Pvt C 16 Returned

722 Parson Eli F. Pvt I

723 Patterson George L. Cpl F 18 Shell wound in leg

724 Patty Josiah W. Pvt B 33 Resigned 62/08/06; Chaplain 62/03/06

725 Peak John Cpl I 21 From Bradley Co., Tn.

726 Pearson William J. Cpl F 18 Hamilton Co., Tn. farmer

727 Pearson William B. Capt C 28

Pelfrey, James W., John J., and Thomas J. (see Phelfrey)

728 Penderson Joseph Pvt E 26 Paroled 62/10/11

729 Penderson Samuel R. Pvt G From Meigs Co., Tn.

730 Penderson William Pvt E

731 Penix John Pvt G 26 Hamilton Co., Tn. farmer

    He was taken to Andersonville where he died on May 16th 1864.  He is buried at the National Park there under tombstone number 1141. 

732 Penney Andrew J. Pvt C 22 Returned

733 Penney George W. Cpl C 34

734 Perkins Lewis Pvt K 40 Exchanged;from Va.; lived in Sullivan Co., Tn.

735 Perry Henry Pvt G Jan. and Feb. 1862 rolls only

736 Persinger Andrew Pvt K

737 Persinger William Pvt K

738 Peterman Daniel T. Capt B 24

739 Peters Arthur C. Pvt K See 7th Tenn. Inf.

740 Peters John H. Pvt K 18

741 Peters Tobias Pvt B 44

742 Peterson James H. Cpl B 30

743 Peterson Robert L. Cpl B 22 Died from bayonet in chest

744 Peterson William C. Sgt B 30 Trsfr. 11th. Cav. 63/06/01

745 Petty Jackson Pvt I 24 Trsfr. from Co. B; Anderson Co., Tn. farmer

746 Pfouse August Pvt B Drafted, only on roll 64/09/10

747 Phelfrey James W. Pvt I 22 AWOL 64/09/01-64/09/15; Monroe Co., Tn. farmer; trsfr. from Co. D

748 Phelfrey John J. Pvt D From Roane Co., Tn.

749 Phelfrey Thomas J. Sgt K 26 Monroe Co., Tn. farmer; trsfr. from D

750 Phifer Hugh H. Pvt A Returned from desertion 64/09/08

751 Phifer John R. Pvt A 22 Returned from desertion 64/09/08

752 Phifer Robert Pvt K 25 AWOL 64/05/02-64/09/08; Buried in Fooshees Cemetery, Roane Co., Tn.

753 Philips John Pvt B 37 Removal denied

754 Philpott William B. Pvt H 21 Forfeit 1 month and 14 days pay; from McMinn Co., Tn.; wounded in head and face

755 Picket Louis R. Pvt F 18 son of Parson Mangum Picket

756 Picket Parson Mangum M. Pvt F 46 Rhea County, Tn. farmer;buried in Nashville, Tn.

757 Pickler Jonathan F. Pvt D 23 Sick at Bowling Green, Ky. 62/12/21-64/12

758 Pierce Robert V. Pvt E 22 Meigs Co., Tn. farmer; detached to Surg. Hdqtrs. 64/08/15 at Marietta,Ga.; AWOL 64/02/17

759 Piney John Pvt K 26 Died in Rebel prison

760 Plank John Pvt H 18 Forefeit 26 days pay

761 Poe Henry Pvt C 40

762 Poe John R. Sgt C 17

763 Poindexter James Pvt K 16 From Bradley Co., Tn.; returned from desertion 64/09/08

764 Poleon James Pvt B 18

765 Pope George T. Pvt D 20

766 Pope James C. Sgt D 18 Promoted 62/10/08

767 Porter Nicholas C. Pvt E 59

768 Porter Thomas Pvt E 26 Sevier Co., Tn. farmer; AWOL 64/02/17-64/11/21

769 Prater James Cpl G 27 From Bledsoe Co., Tn. farmer; bullet fracture in left side of face; AWOL 63/12/08-64/01/06;born 4/6/1838; died 6/26/1927 in Dayton, Rhea Co, Tn.; 5'10" tall with fair complexion, black hair.He was a member of the Salem Bapt. Church when it was constituted.  He was a brother to Thomas.  Son of Thomas W. Prater and wife Charolette Swaford.

770 Prater Thomas K., Pvt G 24 From Bledsoe Co., Tn. farmer; AWOL 63/12/08-64/01/06;  5'11" tall; fair complexion, blue eyes and dark hair.   He enlisted at Cleveland, Tn. with brother James (see above)

771 Presley Jacob Pvt D 28 AWOL 63/10/08

772 Presswood Samuel J. Cpl D 23 McMinn Co., Tn. farmer

773 Price James Pvt E 38 Detailed as a scout

774 Punkins Page J. Pvt A 34 AWOL forfeit 1 month pay

775 Purdy Joseph Pvt A 26 Shell contusion of shoulder

776 Purdy William E. Pvt A 29 Orig. Co. A; Appted. Hospital Stwd. 62/11/01; buried in Propsect Cemetery

777 Purkinson Page J. Pvt A 34

778 Pursinger George Cpl K 21

779 Qualls David Pvt K

780 Rabey John T. Pvt G 15

781 Rabey William Pvt G 44

782 Ragains Gains Cpl H 32 Sick in hospital 64/09-65/02 ; 5'11" light complexion and hair with blue eyes; married Mariah H. Byerly in 1866 in Monroe Co.   He died 3/7/1899 and are buried at Mt. Zion's Church Cemetery.

783 Ragains William M. Pvt H 30 Ball wound in thoracic (flesh); Monroe Co., Tn. farmer; father of Gains; he died  at Asylum Hosp. in  Knoxville and buried in Simpson Cemetery in Loudon Co., Tn.  He was married to Amy Hargiss.

784 Ragle Alfred N. Capt K 32 Paroled at Rough and Ready,Ga. 64/09/28; mustered in 1st Tn. 61/08/21 and trsfr.

785 Ragon Jesse 1st Lt G 43 Resigned 63/12/20; in Nashville recruiting 62/08-63/05

786 Ragon Robert M. Cpl G 21 Bullet wound of metatarsus left; son on Jesse Ragon

787 Rail Samuel Pvt C 23

788 Raines James Pvt B 18

789 Raines William B. Pvt B 38 Buried in Bethel/Kingston Cemetery, Roane Co., Tn.

790 Rains Thomas Pvt E 27

791 Ramsey Champion Pvt G 40 From Hamilton Co., Tn.

792 Ramsey James H. Sgt K 23 From Bradley Co., Tn.

793 Ramsey John J. Pvt G 50

794 Ramsey Russell R. 1 st Sgt. K 20 From Bradley Co., Tn. He and his brother, James, were from the Red Clay Section in Bradley County, Tennessee. After the war, Russell R. Ramsey became a M.D. He went to medical school in Nashville, Tennessee. His daughter, Bertha, married Jacob Smith. Jacob was a representive of Bradley, Hamilton, and James County (doesn't exist today) to the state of Tennessee. Russell's decendants are Timothy D. Smith, and Geoffery S. Smith. Geoffery Smith today is an Infantryman in the 10th Mountain Division.

795 Raulston William S. Cpl K 19 Bullet wound in right shoulder; promoted 64/06/20

796 Rausin David D. Pvt H 38 Orderly for Gen. Spears

797 Rausin James H. Pvt H 25 Buried in West View Cemetery; detached as teamster 64/09-64/12; Blount Co. farmer

798 Rawlston Samuel Pvt I 26 From Bradley Co., Tn.; gunshot wound in right thigh

799 Ray Obediah Pvt I From Blount Co., Tn.; sick at Murfreesboro from 63/04/02 until muster out

800 Read Isaac S. Pvt F 25

801 Reatherford Alexander R. Sgt B 46 Born in Lea Co.,Va.; AWOL 63/10/29; forfeit 1 month pay

802 Reatherford William Pvt B 18

803 Reed Fleming Pvt H 19 Bradley Co., Tn. farmer; forfeit 26 days pay

804 Reed John Pvt K

805 Reeder George Pvt B 28 Claiborne Co., Tn. farmer

806 Reel James M. Pvt C 16 Returned with 21 days loss of pay

807 Reel Michael Pvt C

808 Reid John S. Pvt I 29 From Greenville, Tn.

809 Renfrow James Pvt B 33

810 Revis James Cpl H 33 Born in Surry Co., N.C.

811 Reynolds Berry Cpl E 26 In hospital sick 64/05/22-64/10; died in 1912 and is buried in the Chattanooga National Cemetery; brother to Thomas Reynolds; four other brothers fought for the C.S.A.

812 Reynolds James G. Pvt E 22 Forced into CSA; escaped and returned at Grayson, Ky. 62/10/02

813 Reynolds Thomas R. Pvt E 25 Detached to 1st Tn. Batt. 63/09/17

814 Rhea Albert E. Pvt C Left sick at Flat Lick, Ky. 62/04/20

815 Riddle Milo S. Sgt F 22

816 Ridings Rufus Pvt C

817 Riley William M. Pvt G 33 Returned from desertion

818 Rinkle John Pvt E Detached to hospital in Knoxville 64/03/14

819 Ritter William C. Cpl F 31 Paroled 62/10/02

820 Roark John Cpl E 38 Promoted 63/11

821 Roark John Pvt E 15 Detached to telegraph 64/08/15 at Marietta, Ga.; from Hamilton Co., Tn.; AWOL 64/02/17

822 Roberson Caleb Pvt I 23

823 Roberson James M. Pvt A 40

824 Roberson John W. Pvt A 18 Wounded with ball in pelvis; also listed as Robinson

825 Roberson William H. Pvt A 18 Guard at Loudon, Tn.

826 Roberts Basil Pvt B 23

827 Roberts Benjamin F. 2nd Lt B 30; He married  1st Sarah Jane Brashears in 1854 and 2nd Caroline Gardner in 1871.  Buried in Wheat at the Cumberland Presbyterian Cemetery.

828 Roberts George Russell, Sgt E 38,  born 12-27-1822, died 4-30-1912.  married to Nancy Gillett 1-1-1846. she was born Sept, 1827 in Tenn.. He was born in McMinn co, Tenn, Died in James co,Ttn.
From his penmanship in his request for pension, he was well educated.

829 Roberts James M. Pvt A 44

830 Roberts Thomas L. Sgt F&S 30 Promoted from Co. B 64/10/05; Roane Co. farmer

831 Roberts William Pvt C

832 Robertson George E. Pvt G Jan. and Feb. 1864 attached to Co. by S.O. #12 at Massengale Mills, Tn.

833 Robinson Hardin Pvt I 19

834 Robinson Samuel P. Pvt B 33; 5'8" tall; fair complexion, blue eyes, light hair;  buried in Paint Rock Cemetery, Roane Co., Tn.; born Russell Co., Va.

835 Robinson Thomas A. Pvt H 17 Roane Co., Tn. farmer

836 Robinson William B. Pvt B 38 Exchanged at Camp Wallace; From Bradley Co., Tn. William was a brother to Samuel P. Robinson, also of the 5th, like his brother he was born in Russell County, Virginia and lived in Casey County, KY and Roane County, TN. He married Celia Robinson 26 March 1846 in Roane County, they had the following children: James Harvey Robinson 25 December 1847, Mary Jane 6 May 1849, Elizabeth Ann 23 May 1851, John P. 13 August 1853, Joseph 1 June 1856, William 28 October 1858, and Eliza 3 November 1860. William was buried in Nashville, TN where he died April 26, 1863.

837 Rodgers Alexander Pvt E 28 Meigs Co., Tn. farmer

838 Rodgers Henry H. Sgt F 21 Gunshot wound in right thigh; from Roane Co., Tn.

839 Rogers Jesse N. Pvt D 20 Trsfr. to Co.I 65/04

840 Rogers Jonathan N. Pvt F 26 Paroled 62/10/02

841 Rogers Riley Pvt C 33 Discharged at Murfreesboro, Tn.

842 Rogers William Sgt F 28 Sick at Knoxville, Tn. 64/05-65/02

843 Romines James Pvt I 22 Farmer from Bledsoe Co., Tn.

844 Romines Joseph Pvt E

845 Rose Elijah Cpl D 42 Washington Co., Tn. farmer

846 Rose Elisha Pvt A 37 Desertion removed with loss of pay

847 Rose James E. Pvt D 18 Make good 26 days

848 Rose Joseph W. Pvt D 18 Make good 26 days; buried in Paint Rock Cemetery, Roane Co., Tn.

849 Rose McKinsey Sgt B 37; born in Roane Co., Tn. and moved to Cumberland Co. after the war; buried in Haley's Grove Cemetery in Crab Orchard, Tn.

850 Rose Mitchell Maj F&S 41 Roane Co., Tn. farmer; resigned 62/07/28 with physical disability

851 Rose William Sgt D 25 Sick at Indianapolis, Ind. 65/03/04

852 Rowden Shadrack Cpl D 36 Detached at Chattanooga, Tn. 64/04/20

853 Rubey John Pvt F 15

854 Rubey William Pvt F 44

855 Ruffner Christain Sgt F 25; born  September 17, 1834 in Maienfeld, Grahubunden, Switzerland.  He married Nancy A. Raby of Knox Co., Tn.  They had 9 children.  He died May 31, 1897 and is buried in Davis Cemetery, Coalfield, Morgan Co, Tn.  His complexion was fair; hair light; eyes hazel.  He claimed pension for injury to arm and shoulder during the retreat from Cumberland Gap.  He was a farmer and carpenter after the war.

856 Runyon Tavner T. Pvt C

857 Ruoff Charles A. Sgt A 22 Detached as engineer 64/01/07; born in Munich, Germany; mechanic

858 Russell Andrew J. Pvt F 18

859 Russell Ezra D. Pvt F 20

860 Russell James C. Pvt E 18

861 Russell James A. Pvt F 19

862 Russell John F. Pvt F 23 Loss of 21 days pay

863 Russell John M. Pvt F 18; born May 26, 1844 in Knox (or Roane) Co., Tn.; married Mary Ruth Taylor on 7/19/1866  in Roane Co.; died 9/20/1875 in Roane Co., Tn. enrolled on 2/25/1862 at Barbourville, KY and was discharged 3/29/1865 at Nashville, Tn.

864 Russell John Pvt I 16 Buried in Byrd's Chapel Cemetery, Roane Co., Tn.

865 Russell John Pvt F 54 Paroled 63/01/27

866 Russell Peter Pvt F Bullet wound in left finger

867 Russell Samuel Pvt F 30

868 Russell Thomas Pvt F 44 Exchanged at Richmond,Va.; deserted 62/09/17-64/02/16

869 Russell William Pvt F 33 Trsfr. to K; Anderson Co., Tn. farmer

870 Rutherford Phillip F. Pvt B 31

871 Samsel James A. Cpl K 24 born Nov 1834 in Hawkins Co. near Kingsport; enl.1 aug.1862 Camp Morgan in Cumberland Gap on the Union side. bus; farmer.1880 and carpenter: description: 5 foot 6 dark complexion, scar on cheek; resided in  Morgan Co in1880; also resided in Anderson and Steward Cos. in Tenn.  Buried in Carr Cemetery, Fort Campbell, KY.

872 Sawyer Eli T. Pvt C 33 Accepted commission in Tn. 6th. Infantry; He was a cousin to the Hartman brothers, and served with
another brother, George Sawyer Hartman. Elisha Smith survived the war, and is buried
in Hamilton County, TN.

873 Scarborough James B. Pvt B 32

874 Scarbrough John J. Cpl D 18 Roane Co., Tn. farmer

875 Scarbrough William Pvt K 24

876 Schronagle Francis Pvt B 29

877 Scoggins James P. Pvt E 21 From Bradley Co., Tn.; trsfr. Veteran Reserve Corps. 64/08/02-64/08/26

878 Scott Israel Pvt A 42 Buried in Fooshees Cemetery, Roane Co., Tn. Born 1819/01/28

879 Scott John R. Pvt K 36 Buried in Fooshees Cemetery, Roane Co., Tn.; loss of 13 days pay.

880 Scrimpsher Joel Cpl H 22 Promoted 64/07/01; gangrene from gunshot wound; Monroe Co., Tn. farmer

881 Scrimsher David A. Pvt K 18 Bullet wound in right thigh

882 Scrimsher James E. Pvt B 20 Trsfr. to K 62/11/21; forfeit 24 days pay

883 Seiber Jordan Pvt F 21 Anderson Co., Tn. farmer

884 Shackleford William T. Pvt B 24

885 Shackleford Zachariah Pvt B 54

886 Shamblin Columbus W. Pvt E 25 Born in Walker Co, Ga.

887 Sharp Simeon Pvt E 23 Meigs Co., Tn. farmer

888 Shearl John Pvt I 20 Bullet wound in left elbow

889 Shelley James T. Col F&S

890 Shelly James F. Sgt I 36

891 Sherley Blackmond L. Pvt F 28;  He was born about 1829. He was one of a family of 15 children, most of whom were long-lived. He had one brother who was 101 and several brothers and sisters who lived to be almost 100. His first marriage had been in Tennessee. His second wife was Cassie Dilbeck, whom he married in Parker County. He was 61 when he came to Texas in 1880. He bought a 219-acre farm east of Springtown and became a prosperous farmer. In about 1909, he married Mrs. Annie Moore, a widow with five children. Black had fathered about ten children.  He lived in this home until his death in 1933. Black firmly believed in the simple style of living. This kept him in such physical condition that, until the time when he was 100 years old he was still doing many chores about his farm and could ride a horse about the place looking after his cattle and fences. His white beard and large frame were hard to miss.

Black died of influenza and pneumonia

892 Sherley James C. Pvt F 26 Shell wound in right hip and arm

893 Shields Benjamin F. Pvt B 35 At Nashville, Tn.

894 Shiflett John Pvt E 33

895 Shipley Larkin W. Pvt C 17 Paroled and returned 65/03/10. At the time of the Civil War William and Larkin Shipley enlisted at Harrison with CO. C of the Fifth Tennessee Infantry and began walking to Barboursville, Ky., to join the Federal unit. Along the way, they were robbed by highwaymen who exchanged their rags for the good clolthes of the Shipleys. Larkin was captured near Wilmington, NC Feb. 27, 1865, and placed under arrest by Federal authorities for desertion until he was paroled at the end of the war.

896 Shipley William M. Pvt C 20 Sick at Nashville, Tn. 63/05-64/02

897 Shipwash Michael Pvt K 31 AWOL 62/09/17-64/11/01; from Surry Co., N.C.; bricklayer

898 Shirley James B. Pvt I 33 Forfeit 21 days pay; 

899 Shoeburt Joseph Pvt B 30 Jefferson Co., Tn. farmer

900 Short Edom B. Pvt B 28 Buried in Short Cemetery, Roane Co., Tn.; gunshot wound in left forearm

901 Silvy Wesley Pvt K 34

902 Simmons Andrew J. Pvt K 21 Trsfr. from F 65/05/27

903 Simmons James F. Pvt K 22 Absent sick 64/05/22-65/02

904 Simpson James W. Pvt H 20

905 Simpson John H. Pvt D 23 Paroled at McMinnville, Tn. 63/10/03

906 Simpson Jonathan Pvt I 25

907 Sims Elliot Pvt E 33 Detailed as guard for contraband 64/09/18; from Hamilton Co., Tn.

908 Sims John H. Pvt E 18

909 Sims Joseph F. M. Pvt E 28

910 Siner John Pvt I 41 Paroled at Savannah, Ga. 64/11/30

911 Smalley George W. Pvt D 29

912 Smalley Samuel K. Pvt I 38 Make good 52 days

913 Smalling Benjamin L. Pvt E 18 McMinn Co., Tn. farmer

914 Smalling Robert A. Pvt E 20

915 Smallwood John Pvt K 18 Paroled 62/11/08; forfeit 4 months; Sullivan Co., Tn. farmer

916 Smith Andrew Pvt K 23

917 Smith Andrew J. Pvt C 27

918 Smith Charles M. Pvt K 33

919 Smith James M. Pvt G 21

920 Smith John W. Pvt G 31 Trsfr. from 4th Tn. Cav. 63/08/06

921 Smith John W. Pvt C 23 Detached on hospital duty 64/05/14

922 Smith Jonathan Pvt E 50

923 Smith Peter R. Pvt C 20 Grainger Co., Tn. farmer

924 Smith Samuel A. Pvt E 15 Sullivan Co., Tn. farmer; detailed to provost marshall at Loudon, Tn. 64/01

925 Smith William E. Sgt H 25

926 Smith William Pvt E 16 Sullivan Co., Tn. farmer

927 Snider Alexander B. Pvt I 19

928 Snider John H. Pvt H 23

929 Snider Samuel V. Pvt I 21 Bullet wound in right thigh

930 Snow Larkin F. Pvt K

931 Soloman James Pvt E 20

932 Soloman William P. Pvt G 25 Jefferson Co., Tn. farmer; returned from desertion 64/07/11

933 Southerland Joseph Pvt K 41 Cancer; discharged at Nashville; From Bradley Co., Tn.

934 Sowards William B. 2nd Lt A 23 Appointed 2nd Lt. 64/07/23

935 Sparks David C. Capt D 27 Buried in Byrd's Chapel Cemetery, Roane Co., Tn.

936 Spears Ashley L. 1st Lt F&S 20

937 Spears Levi Pvt I 27

938 Spears Wiley A.L. Pvt F 20 Trsfr. to F&S

939 Springer Francis M. Pvt K 22

940 Stafford Samuel E. Pvt G 20 Trsfr. 2nd Tn. Inf.

941 Staggs Benjamin F. Pvt I

942 Staggs Samuel M. Pvt I Cut-off from Reg. by enemy 62/08/15; not borne on rolls after 62/08/31

943 Standridge John Pvt I 18 AWOL 64/12/25-65/01/27; deserted 64/06/01 and returned 64/09/08

944 Stanfield Hardy J. Pvt I 22 From Bradley Co., Tn.; detached to 1st Tn. Batt. 63/09/07; McMinn Co., Tn. farmer

945 Stanfield Joshua J. Pvt K

946 Stanford Joseph G. Pvt E 27 McMinn Co., Tn. carpenter; detached as mechanic 64/08/15 at Marietta, Ga.

947 Staples Abner F. Pvt K

948 Staples John M. Pvt I 15 Paroled 64/12/11

949 Steal John Pvt I

950 Stewart Willis Pvt A 37 Johnson Co., Tn. farmer

951 Stokes John W. Pvt H 32 Make good 1 month

952 Stokes Thomas M. Cpl I 23 Trsfr. from Co. H; forfeit 26 days; detached to Medical Surgeon at Atlanta 64/09

953 Stone James W. Pvt D 18

954 Stone Madison Pvt D 45 Born in Grayson Co,Va.; lived at Kingston, Tn.

955 Stone Nathaniel J. Pvt G 25 Discharged at Nashville, Tn.

956 Stone Stephen H. Sgt D 23 Discharged at Nashville, Tn.

957 Stout Isaac Pvt B 25 Buried in Bethel/Kingston Cemetery, Roane Co., Tn.; detached to Medical Purveyor 64/09/14

958 Stout James Pvt B 19 Buried in Bethel/Kingston Cemetery, Roane Co., Tn.; farmer

959 Stover Isaac Pvt G 34

960 Stover Jeremiah E. Pvt G 40; He died in Oct., 1909.  He was abrothers with Isaac and John.  His brothers-in-law were Jackson Haimes, William Davis, and William Line.

961 Stover John Pvt G 48

962 Stulce Abner S. Sgt G 24 Meigs Co., Tn. farmer; promoted 64/02/01; guard duty at Smith's Ferry 63/12;Abner S. lived to be 91 years old. He was a Baptist for 74 of his years. His burial was at the McCallie Cemetery near the Tennessee River. He had a son, James.

963 Sturgeon Thomas Pvt I Cut-off by enemy 62/08/13; not borne on future rolls

964 Summitt James L. Pvt H 21 Forfeit 1 month pay

965 Swafford Marshall Pvt F 30 Chronic Diarrhea; from Bledsoe Co., Tn.

966 Swafford Thomas Pvt K 26 AWOL 63/12-64/02/01; trsfr. from Co. F 65/04; Bledsoe Co., Tn. farmer

967 Swagerty James Pvt D 22 Monroe Co., Tn. farmer; wounded in arm

968 Sylvey Peter Pvt K 44 From Roane Co, Tn.; cut-off from wagon train 62/08/15

969 Tallent John Pvt H 20 From Concord, Knox Co., Tn.; born in Blount Co., Tn.

970 Tallent Jonathan Pvt H 20 Discharged with chronic diarrhea

971 Tallent Lemuel Sgt G 22 From Bradley Co., Tn.; appointed Sgt. 62/10/21

972 Talley Joel A. Pvt G 41 Trsfr. I 63/04/02

973 Tanner Nathaniel Pvt K 25 Trsfr. from Co. H 62/06/01; from Roane Co., Tn.; born in N.C.; wounded in left leg

974 Tate John Sgt K 24 From Monroe Co., Tn.

975 Taylor Blechard A. Pvt F 16

976 Taylor Chancey M. Cpl G Detached to 1st Ohio light artillery

977 Taylor James M. Sgt B 18 From Blount Co., Tn.

978 Taylor James H. Pvt C 52 Born in N.C.; blacksmith; discharged with chronic diarrhea

979 Taylor James Cpl B 18

980 Taylor Thomas J. Pvt I Cut-off from Regt. 62/08/15; not borne on subsequent rolls.

981 Taylor Thomas Pvt B 41 AWOL 64/05/03-64/09/10; trsfr. to Co.I 65/05/27; from Blount Co., Tn.

982 Taylor William Pvt C Sick at Camp Pine Knot

983 Taylor William Pvt F 54

984 Temple Thomas M. Pvt C 16 From Hamilton Co., Tn.; wounded by bullet in right arm

985 Temples Charles Pvt C Captured on way to Kentucky; no rolls after 63/04

986 Thacker William Pvt I 36 Wounded 64/11/11 on the railroad;

987 Thatch John H. Sgt K 19 From Bradley Co., Tn.; farmer; trsfr. from Co. G.

988 Thomas James A. Pvt G 29

989 Thomas Jefferson B. Sgt F 32

990 Thomas Joel W. Cpl G 22

991 Thomas John A. Pvt G 20 Knox Co., Tn. farmer

992 Thomas William Pvt G

993 Thompson Archey Pvt C 28

994 Thompson James P. Pvt I 22

995 Thompson James R. Capt B 37 Roane Co., Tn. also served in the Mexican War; died at age 74 years at Harriman, Tn. Buried beside his wife Elizabeth in the Delozier Cemetery.

996 Thompson Leonidas Pvt H 25 Blount Co., Tn. farmer

997 Thornton John Pvt G 21 Born in Hamilton Co., Tn.

998 Thornton William Sgt G 30

999 Timmons Calvin Pvt G 32 Returned from desertion 64/07/11

1000 Tipton Caswell T. Sgt F 18 Monroe Co, Tn. farmer; promoted from Co. H

1001 Tipton Gilbert H. 1st Lt I 24 Trsfr. from Co. H 63/01/01

1002 Tipton Marshall C. Pvt H 36 Trsfr. to Co. G 62/11/01; sick at St. Louis 64/11

1003 Trew James Pvt D 18 Born Burke Co, N.C.; detailed as provost on several occasions

1004 Trew John J. Pvt D 43

1005 Trimus Washington Pvt C Left sick and deserted in 1862

1006 Triplett Jeremiah Cpl G 45 Jeremiah N. Triplett was born March 29, 1820 in Adair County, Kentucky. He
migrated to McMinn County Tennesse and then to the Black Fox community of
Bradley County, Tennessee with his parents, Wm and Rebecca Triplett, as a
teenager. On August 19, 1843 he married Narcissus Benton (possibly Denton)
in Bradley County. The ceremony was performed by Amos Briner, JP.
Jeremiah and Narcisus settled down in the community of Black Fox
(originally on the farm with Jeremiah's parents, Buck and Rebecca, and then
on their own farm) where all of their children were born including Sarah
J., William Green, Julia Ann, John Benton, Rebecca, Milly A., David M.,
Frances, Jeremiah Jr., and Mary Ellen. Jeremiah died at home on November 11, 1885 from disease of his liver and
kidneys (according to his pension file), age 65. Both he and his wife,
Narcissus are buried in the Triplett Cemetery in the Black Fox community of
Bradley County.

1007 Tuck David Pvt I 21

1008 Tuck John P. Pvt E 19 From Blount Co., Tn.; shell contusion of thorax

1009 Tuck Moses Pvt I 18 Bullet wound of left metatarsus

1010 Tudor William B. Pvt D 19

1011 Tunnell James W. Pvt I 18 AWOL 64/01/08-64/02/02; under arrest; trsfr. from Co. D 65/03

1012 Turner Albert Pvt K 18 Born in Hamilton Co., Tn.; farmer

1013 Turner James W. Pvt E 22 Detached as teamster 64/11

1014 Turner John Cpl E 18

1015 Turner Joseph D. Major F&S 31 Appt. Major 63/03/04

1016 Turner Martin D. Pvt E 17 Detached as teamster 64/05/11

1017 Turner William J. Pvt C 38 Trsfr. from G 62/05/00

1018 Turpin David Cpl K 52

1019 Tuton Robert L. Pvt A 18 Roane Co., Tn. farmer

1020 Tuton Wiley Pvt A 45 Roane Co., Tn. farmer

1021 Tutterow James A. Pvt F 18

1022 Tutterow Robert E. Pvt F 20

1023 Underwood Edward Pvt K

1024 Vale William H. Pvt I 23 Released 64/07/09; AWOL 64/11/14

1025 Valillee James Pvt H 18 Detached to Medical Surgeon 64/08 in Atlanta

1026 Varner James J. Pvt E 18

1027 Vaught David Pvt H 56

1028 Vernon John C. Pvt I 22 Under arrest 64/01/23; detached as teamster 64/06/01

1029 Vinson James A. Pvt K 20 Released 64/05/08; returned from desertion 64/12/26; Hamilton Co., farmer

1030 Waddel Cowan Pvt H 30 Blount Co., Tn. farmer; forfeit 1 month and 17 days

1031 Walker John P. Pvt F 36 Trsfr. from Tn. 6th MI as Captain

1032 Walker William D. Pvt K 24 Bledsoe Co., Tn. farmer; trsfr from Co. F; loss of pay 21 days

1033 Wallace Isaac W. Pvt A 25 AWOL 63/05/18-63/09/08; Roane Co., Tn. farmer; detached as guard at Loudon 64/02/23

1034 Wallace John Pvt A 29 AWOL 64/05/02-64/09/08

1035 Walters Mitchell P. Pvt C 28 Hamilton Co., Tn. farmer

1036 Watson Samuel H. Pvt C 21 Farmer from Harrison, Hamilton Co., Tn.

1037 Watt John Pvt C 19 Cocke Co., Tn. farmer; loss of pay 21 days; trsfr. to Co. K 65/05/27

1038 Wayman James F. Pvt I 21 Blount Co., Tn. blacksmith

1039 Weese John J. Pvt A Returned from desertion 64/09/08; AWOL 64/11/12

1040 Weese William J. Pvt A 19 Wounded by grapeshot in left thigh; loss of pay 12 days

1041 Wells John A. Cpl D 22 Bullet wound in left ilium

1042 Wells William H. Cpl D 20 Farmer from Knox Co., Tn.; wounded in breast and left hand

1043 West Daniel Pvt K 18

1044 Wester William Pvt B 19

1045 Whaley Austin J. Pvt A 21 AWOL 64/05/23-64/09/08; make good 22 months; Sevier Co., Tn. farmer

1046 Whaley John W. Cpl A 24 Wounded by shell contusion of pelvis

1047 Whaley William Pvt A 18

1048 Wheat James Pvt D 30

1049 White John F. Pvt D 21 Under arrest for desertion; trsfr. Co.I 65/02; returned from desertion 64/09/08

1050 White Jonathan W. Pvt K Trsfr. to 7th Tenn. 62/07/04

1051 White Samuel B. Pvt D 22

1052 Whitlock Preston Pvt A 32 AWOL 62/09/17-63/12/06

1053 Whitlock Thomas S. Pvt A 18 Orderly for Gen. Spears 62/06/19-62/10/12; Roane Co., Tn. farmer

1054 Whitlock Thomas J. Pvt A 38

1055 Whitlock Thomas C. Pvt A 18 Wounded from bullet wound in right leg; Roane Co., Tn. farmer

1056 Whitlock William J. 1st Lt A 28

1057 Whittenburg Joseph Pvt K 28

1058 Wiley Edwin F. Capt F 23 Bullet wound in right forearm; paroled at Baton Rouge, La. 64/12/31

1059 Wiley William B.H.  Sgt F 19 Roane Co., Tn. farmer and coal operator, at Oliver Springs, was born in Roane County, Tenn., January 25, 1843. He is the son of Henry H. Wiley and Mary B.B. Boyd, who were married January 2, 1822. The father was born in North Carolina, October 9, 1779. He was the son of Alexander Wiley and Martha Noel; this father was a farmer in Tennessee, for several years, and later went to merchandising in Kingston, Roane County; still later he was elected county court clerk of Roane County; still later he became one of the wealthiest men of his county, and all his wealth was gained through perseverance and skillful management. The mother of our subject was born in Virginia, March 31, 1804, and died January 3, 1877. Unto her were born six sons and four daughters. Our subject was reared on the farm, and received a common-school education, in the country schools. His work, prior to the civil war, was farming. At the outbreak of the war, he enlisted in Company F, Fifth Tennessee Infantry. At the close of the war, he returned to Kingston, and farmed in Roane County, for two years, and then went to operating in coal, first at Coal Creek, then at Oliver Springs. He and his brother, H.H. Wiley, constitutes the Mount Carbon Coal and Coke Company, of Oliver Springs. In 1869 (October 29) he married Miss Jennie McFarlen, of Nashville. One son and eight daughters have been born to this marriage. Three of these children are dead; those living are Thomas E., Z.A., Mary E., Katy, Luttie and Irene. Mr. Wiley commenced business without money, and has gained considerable wealth, by his energy and enterprise. He is a self-made man, a member of the Presbyterian Church, an Odd Fellow, and a Republican.(Source: Goodspeed's History of Tennessee)

1060 Wilkey Calvin N. Sgt B 22 Promoted 62/11/01

1061 Wilkey Lorencey B. Pvt C 43

1062 Williams David R. Pvt F 29 Morgan Co., Tn. farmer; shell wound of face, lower jaw fractured

1063 Williams Goodlet D. Pvt K 20

1064 Williams Humphry Pvt D 52 Discharged at Murfreesboro, Tn. from bronchitis; born in Oranged Co., N.C.

1065 Williams Jacob Pvt E 24

1066 Williams James M. Pvt K 34 Roane Co., Tn. farmer; AWOL 63/01-63/05 and 63/12-64/03

1067 Williams John Pvt E 30 Under arrest for murder 63/12/01

1068 Williams John A. Pvt D 18

1069 Williams Lilburn Pvt I

1070 Williams Richard F. Pvt F 25 Returned from desertion 64/01/08

1071 Williams Richard S. Pvt D 18 Roane Co., Tn. farmer

1072 Williams Robert M. Pvt K 22

1073 Williams William Pvt B 31 Morgan Co., Tn. farmer

1074 Williams William F. Pvt D 21

1075 Willis Franklin M. Pvt H 23 AWOL 64/04; forfeit 21 days

1076 Willson Henry W. Pvt G 26

1077 Willson John A. Pvt A 18

1078 Willson Nathaniel Pvt H 25 Born in N.C.

1079 Willson Samuel Pvt C 41

1080 Willson Thomas Pvt G 30 Farmer born in Knox Co., Tn.

1081 Willyard William Pvt G Temporary attached from 1st Ohio Lt. Artillery

1082 Wilson James Pvt B 26 AWOL 62/09/21-64/04/14; make good 19 months; Blount Co., Tn. farmer

1083 Wilson James M. Pvt I 21 AWOL 63/09/20-63/12/12; make good 18 months; Hamilton Co., Tn. farmer

1084 Wilson John Pvt B 29 Detached as a blacksmith 64/03/04

1085 Wilson Joseph Pvt K 44

1086 Wilson Joseph M. Pvt A 18 Gunshot wound

1087 Wilson Phillip Pvt A 36 Roane Co., Tn. farmer

1088 Wilson Pleasant G. Pvt B 18 Blount Co., Tn. farmer

1089 Wilson Robert Pvt I 37

1090 Wilson Rufus Pvt D 27

1091 Wilson Wiley Pvt A 18 Buried in Durham Cemetery, Roane Co., Tn.

1092 Wilson William D. Cpl A 55

1093 Wimberly John C. Pvt I 18 Left sick in Washington D.C. 65/02/03; Blount Co., Tn. farmer

1094 Winchester Isaac L.D. Cpl K

1095 Witt Jesse Sgt E 25 McMinn Co., Tn. farmer; sick 63/04-63/12

1096 Witt Nathaniel LtCol F&S Orig. Co. E

1097 Wright David N. Pvt I 24 Monroe Co., Tn. farmer; shell contusion; trsfr. from Co. E 65/04/08

1098 Wright Samuel H. Pvt E 24 From Bradley Co., Tn.

1099 Wyatt Joseph Pvt F 42 Trsfr. from Co. F; make good time lost

1100 Wyrick Anderson R. Pvt K

1101 Wyrick Martin Pvt K

1102 Wyrick Wiley W. Pvt K

1103 Wyrick William R. Pvt E 32 From Bradley Co., Tn.

1104 Yarber Wiley J. Pvt H Captured in Blount Co., Tn.

1105 Yarber William R. Pvt I 21

1106 Yarnell John A.S. Pvt K 18

1107 Yother James D. Pvt C 18

1108 Yother Wilson W. Pvt C 25 Trsfr. to Co. K; AWOL 64/12/20-65/06/20

1109 Young Evan E. Pvt B 18 Roane Co., Tn. farmer

1110 Young Fremorton LtCol F&S 48

1111 Young John W. Pvt D 21

1112 Young John R. Pvt E 16 Paroled at Nashville, Tn. 62/12;  married Nancy Catherine Bare on Aug. 29, 1867; they are buried between Hurley and  Clever in Missouri.  John Rufus Young was the son of James Young. Nothing is known of his family except that his mother died at his birth and he was reared by his Grandmother Bowers and his Uncle Newt Bowers. His father and his older brother, whose name is not known, went to Northern Georgia and there he married and made his home. John Rufus went to school very little. When he was fifteen he went to visit his father in Georgia during the early years of the Civil War. His father told him it was not safe for him to stay there; that the Confederates were compelling all able-bodied males to join the Confederate Army. His stepmother prepared food for his journey on foot back to Birchwood and he traveled by night, hiding in caves in the daytime and feeling his way northward by the moss on the north side of trees. His father and brother were conscripted by the Confederate Army and were both killed. John Rufus Young joined the Union Army and served in Co. E. of the 5th Tennessee Infantry three and one-half years, along with other men of the Birch-wood Community, among them being his uncle Newt Bowers who lost an arm at the Battle of Lookout Mountain and Jasper Bare, who was killed at the battle of Resaca, Georgia.

John Rufus Young and Nancy Catherine Bare were married at Birchwood, Tenn. August 29, 1867, when "Kate" was fifteen years old. Their first son, "Newt" was born there November 25, 1868, and the following summer they made the difficult journey by ox wagon to Stone County, Missouri

1113 Young Joseph Pvt G 26 From Bradley Co., Tn.

1114 Young William J. Pvt G 32 Lived at Sale Creek, Tn.

1115 Ziegler Jacob F. Capt E 46

1116 Ziegler William B. Pvt E 18

1117 Ziegler William Q. Pvt E 45

1118 Ziegler William V. Pvt E 18 Detached as Quarter Master 64/08/07